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In My Professional Opinion is live from The Makeup Show-Los Angeles! This extraordinary, 2-day event is put together by The Powder Group, which creates and presents innovative events for makeup professionals and consumers!

Today and tomorrow this Pro will be posting about the event and bringing our readers information on some incredible cosmetic lines that are available to the public, but are not sold via mass market.

I was able to sit down and interview 5-Time, Emmy Award-Winning, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Eve Pearl who is an exhibitor at this event. Eve has spent years creating faces as a makeup artist for theatre on Broadway and she has been working with celebrities in the television and film industries for the past fifteen years. She has won 5 Emmy Awards for her achievement in makeup and she is the author and producer of Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, the Miracle of Makeup Techniques (Book & DVD). Currently, she is the personal makeup artist to Meredith Vieira and spent nine years at ABC’s The View and is now working on NBC’s Today Show.

Eve is amazing and her energy, talent and creativity is infectious. You know that this Pro loves the Eve Pearl cosmetic line, especially her magical Salmon Concealer so I had to grab a few moments with Eve to get the inside scoop on how her product line got started.

Pro: Why did you create Eve Pearl cosmetics?

Eve: I suffered from bad skin when I was younger, have always had very oily skin and I also happen to have extremely sensitive skin and I can’t wear products that contain an SPF. For years I searched for cosmetics and remedies to ease my makeup issues only to discover that my skin would have a reaction to an ingredient. As a makeup professional I was always mixing and matching cosmetics for my celebrity clients and decided that I would just create my own line and bring it to the public.

Pro: What are CosmeNutrients and why did you put them into your products?

Eve: CosmeNutrients is simply cosmetics infused with nutrients. I combined a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and anti-oxidants into the formulation to ensure that my product line is luxurious and that they allow the skin to breath. The nutrients help to nourish, protect and restore the skin’s texture and elasticity. They also reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. AstaREALA is the most recognized brand of Astaxanthin, which is the key ingredient in my cosmetic line and is also a very potent antioxidant. Astaxanthin’s role is to enhance the immune system and prevent oxidative stress. You will find these nutrients in all of my foundations and concealers.

Pro: I am a huge fan of your Salmon Concealer, how did you invent this product?

Eve: Most people are under the impression that the discoloration under the eye (known as the dreaded dark under eye circle) is purple in tone, but in actuality it is blue toned. Individuals who use a concealer that is yellow in tone (because yellow cuts purple on the color wheel) think they are hiding those flaws, but they are really making them stand out! Salmon (orange on the color wheel, which cuts blue) is the tone that will diminish and disguise those dark circles and make them totally disappear. I want everyone to stop using the wrong color concealer and banish those raccoon eyes for good!

Pro: Tell us about your seminars?

Eve: I want to teach everyone how to put makeup on with confidence! I offer a “Hands-On” Seminar that will teach the basics – how to take care of the skin, understanding colors for the face, eyes, cheeks and lips, color correction, creating definition, concealing imperfections and learning the art of blending. Blending is the key to a flawless face! This introductory seminar is $295 per person and includes over $250 in Eve Pearl products. I also teach an Advanced “Hands-on” Seminar for those who want to fine tune their skill as a professional makeup artist, as well as Lash Out – All About The Lashes, where you will learn “The Eve Pearl Method” of application!

Pro: Will you share with my readers how you got started as a makeup artist?

Eve: My mother was originally from another country and we moved to America when I was very young. The only job my mother was able to get here was in a Hair Salon. I grew up in the beauty business, but felt it was beneath me to pursue a career in beauty after college, so I went the opposite route and worked in “corporate” America. After many years, I got tired of playing that game and decided to return to my roots. I was able to work directly under another artist and learn everything I needed to know about the techniques of theatre, television and film artistry.

Pro: What was the inspiration for your book and DVD?

Eve: Women at some point in their lives naturally consider some form of cosmetic surgery. We feel so much pressure to resist aging and some turn to quickly to going under the knife instead of considering a safer alternative. My book and DVD will skillfully show you how to enhance your looks using makeup instead of surgery. It’s painless and has no recovery time!

Here is a list of this Pro’s favorite Eve Pearl cosmetics:

Salmon Concealer – this is beauty on the go! It is infused with Astaxanthin, which works as an eye treatment while neutralizing those dark under eye circles! This is a luxurious cream product that provides full coverage and is available in light, medium, tan and dark.

High Definition Dual Foundation – all we hear about these days is High Definition! It is taking over the world! I recently had the pleasure of trying this foundation, which is also infused with CosmeNutrients just like Eve’s concealers and is a lightweight cream that provides full coverage, but is non-greasy and glides on the face. The two shades of foundation adapt to the skin tone so that you are able to customize your exact foundation match. This product is great on all skin types, including sensitive skin and is available in light, medium, tan and dark.

Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel – is quick drying and provides sheer/invisible coverage. It is water based and contains sebum-activating, oil-control spheres that regulate oil production. Available in light/medium or tan/dark. Use under makeup or alone.

Photo Finish Pressed Powder Neutral – this is a diffusing sheer pressed powder that eliminates shine. It also removes discoloration or redness and adds highlights to improve the texture of your skin.

Eve Pearl cosmetics also has a very extensive color line including gorgeous eye, cheek and lip colors, which this Pro carries in her personal cosmetic bag! The eye palettes contain six shadow colors, making them perfect for touch up or changing your daytime look into nighttime glamour instantly!

Thank you Eve for spending a few moments with this Pro and our readers! Please visit for more information on products and seminars.

Up next on In My Professional Opinion – more beauty from The Makeup Show!

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