Spotlight: Yaby Cosmetics

Probably the best perk of working in the film and television industry as a makeup artist is meeting other professionals in your field. You bond over being a freelancer, seeking advice on upcoming projects, products that work and don't and you share techniques and tips that improve your current skill level.

A few years ago, this Pro was lucky enough to meet a lady I had admired for a very long time. I had known of her reputation for being an outstandingly talented MUA through colleagues and because I had seen her published work. What I didn't know was that she was a kind, generous and compassionate person who would always be available to help bounce around creative ideas or provide advice on a shoot.

Liz Yu with world renowned makeup artist, Roshar and his model at IMATS NYC

Liz Yu became a makeup artist because of her obsession with flawless skin and naturally, that became her trademark. Basing out of Toronto, Canada, Liz has worked on many beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and film and television projects. I learned quickly after meeting Liz that we would become good friends. She is also an amazing effects artist and somehow she found the time during her career to make and manufacture a professional cosmetic line that is a staple in most professional kits.

Her product line is called Yaby Cosmetics and she launched her range in 2007. With an extensive color line for the eyes, lips, cheeks and face, this product is so highly pigmented you will appreciate the immediate pay off without having to reload your makeup brush. Her colors blend evenly and are so finely milled that they work into the skin with very little effort.

Yaby Cosmetics blew me away because at first, I doubted that a little tiny pan of eye shadow could provide me with such amazing quality. O ye of little faith! I should have trusted the fact that, as a professional, Liz knows exactly what products we need to have in our kits and the fact that those products need to work! She spent so much time, money and effort on this line in order to bring it to professionals, as well as consumers that I almost wanted to argue with her over the insanely affordable price!

This Pro has a huge range of products from Yaby Cosmetics in both my HDTV/Film beauty kit and my FX kit. Just one of Yaby's pre-filled eye shadows palettes contains 40 colors and I love her lip palettes because they contain 20 of the most wearable colors around and you can easily mix the colors together for a custom look.

Liz even made it easy to depot your collection of tube lipstick and put them into empty pans, which she sells and then pop them into an empty Yaby palette. No longer do we need to carry around tons of tubes in our kits and the palettes make it easy to coordinate colors for quicker application. You won't be digging around your kit, pulling off caps trying to find the lipstick color you need for that big shoot!

Same goes for eye shadows, cheek colors, powder foundations and concealers. All of these products come in pre-filled Yaby palettes or you can make your own! Plus, this line's foundations, cream and liquid, are beautiful. They blend smoothly and won't cake on the skin for a natural appearance or confidently build up the coverage with several applications if you need without the worry of a “heavy” makeup look!

Yaby Cosmetics also has a line of skin correctors and concealers, brow colors and cake liners, which this Pro uses on every single shoot. My team of makeup artists also carry an extensive array of Yaby in their kits! We wouldn't be caught dead without them on set! This line is completely customizable and the palettes are magnetic, which keeps our kits diverse and filled with color, while keeping volume to a minimum!

Yaby also makes it easy to keep a beautiful range of color in my personal makeup bag too, which means I can easily change up my look from day to night without lugging a bunch of makeup with me in my handbag!

Below are a few pictures from Yaby's color line, as well as a YouTube video from IMATS Toronto 2011 posted by

You can purchase Yaby directly from their website at or online from Camera Ready Cosmetics at

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All photos courtesy of: Yaby Cosmetics.