The Pros here at IMPO have not reported on many hair products because we are not licensed hairstylists, but in our world we do have to work on hair behind-the-scenes and sometimes create styles, change styles and provide actors with products.

We usually work alongside a "real" hairstylist and they take care of the heavy work, then we refresh or tweak styles as the film day progresses. On big budget shoots there is always money for many people on the makeup and hair crew, but on medium to low budget productions it is typically asked that there be one person in charge of the entire department.

When the Pros are presented with a hair challenge, we turn to our bag of tricks that is ever growing and changing however, there are a few items that we keep in this kit that will be with us forever because, to put it very simply, they just work.

Barbar Italy 4800 Ionic Blow Dryer - we used to be very intimidated by the words "blow out!" We never knew just how long it was going to take us and we found that, even though we were fully trained in performing a blow out, our arms, shoulders, hands and wrists tired quickly and the process took longer than we liked. The Pros went on a worldly search for a better, more efficient hairdryer and we found Barbar products this past year. This dryer is so lightweight and sized perfectly to fit into a hair kit without massive bulk. It's got 2000 WATTS of power, which cuts drying time in half. It has multiple heat settings and is the perfect product for a Pro or novice.

Barbar 1800 Ceramic Cordless Flat Iron 1" - in the hair and makeup trailer there is very little space to break out insane amounts of hair tools. You need to be organized and work quickly. This flat iron heats up so fast up to 392F and is cordless. You can use it off the base for approximately 8 minutes without recharging. We love it because it straightens hair quickly without damage and we never have to worry about being tangled up in the cord! Barbar also makes a duo tourmaline cordless flat and curling iron called the Bar 1900.

Enzo Milano Clipless Curling Iron 1/2" - recently the Pros had to create a style that called for very small, tight curls that needed to last! Last year, this type of challenge would have had us shaking in our boots, but this year we found this curling iron and knew that we would be able to make perm like spirals in record time! This product gives a constant heat that will not damage hair.

The Batiste Collection - before we start a style change or if an actor/actress is coming in with already dried or "dirty" hair, we reach for our stash of Batiste Dry Shampoo. This product is the workhorse in our hair kit and our clients love it! Not only does it come in a variety of scents, including the new "Fresh" unisex smell that instantly leaves the hair feeling clean and refreshed, Batiste comes in travel sizes perfect for on-the-go or in our case, in the actor bags we take to set.

The Pros have tried many other expensive dry shampoo lines and even those that are specifically made for colored hair (blondes, brunettes or red heads) and we have found that the Batiste line is best. The colored dry shampoos left stains on our hands, on our actor's face and wardrobe and they were difficult to manipulate, but with the Batiste line, we never need worry. Plus, Batiste is sold everywhere from the grocery store to the pharmacy! The "Original" and "Blush" scents are also in our kit and we have found that our actors love to use them off the set too!

Kevin Murphy Products - if you have never heard of Kevin Murphy then you need to stop reading this post and Google his name now! He is a hair genius and has developed an entire line of amazing hair products. He is the one who invented the iconic "beach hair" look that can been seen on the pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Instyle...well, you get the picture.

Also, Kevin cares about the environment and collaborated with Al Gore's leadership program, The Climate Project, which works toward change at the grassroots level. All of his products use paper packaging that is made from post consumer waste and are recyclable. This means a lot to the Pros because we have a strict paper-less rule on some of our sets and recycle bins are everywhere throughout.

Recently, we tried the Hydrate-Me Wash and the Hydrate-Me Rinse, which totally changed the texture of our over processed hair! It's gentle enough to use daily and will not weigh the hair down or make it look greasy. It tames our naturally curly hair and helps to control fly aways!

If you want to recreate Kevin's beach waves he created a product specifically designed to texturize the hair called Hair.Resort - this product will give you that instant messy beach look on long and fine hair.

Check out this instructional podcast featuring Kevin and his tips on how to use the product and achieve the beach look:

Straight.Defence - this product is a weightless heat protecting straightening balm. We use this product prior to a blow out because it provides major heat protection and helps to remove curl.

The Pros need help in the natural curls department because our hair instantly frizzes! Motion.Lotion controls frizz and enhances curls. It can be used on wet or dry hair as a finisher.

When we need to create texture or choppy looks on short hair, we turn to Night.Rider to provide hold. This product is matte and works great on men's styles.

To create major body we use Body.Builder, a lightweight volumising mousse that is flexible, but with just the right amount of hold. Use prior to blow-drying.

Powder.Puff is also a great product to use to create volume. It is a powder that you shake into the hair along a part line. Then tussle the hair with your fingertips to create texture and major volume. The Pros use this product in lieu of teasing the hair, which can be damaging.

Check out Kevin's how-to podcast below:

If you want to have some fun with color, Color.Bug is a wipe on; wash out product that gives intense color in seconds. Use it on your entire head or just the tips. It's safe and gentle color that is available in Pink, Orange or Purple.

The Kevin Murphy line also has entire range of Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatments, Styling Products and Tools available to the professional and consumer. Plus Kevin Murphy also provides education that range from basic to advanced hair classes. For more information visit

We hope this post was useful and if you have tried any of the products listed above, please leave a comment. We love to hear from you.