It's Raining Men...

Men need to be pampered too! In my world, men (male actors/models) have no problem using all types of skincare, hair care and makeup. They can not get into character without someone like me to help them with that process and they are just as appreciative as women (female actresses/models) when this Pro takes the time to cleanse, moisturize, condition and protect their skin.

In the prepping process prior to a film or television shoot I usually meet with my client and discuss the character or look that the director and actor are trying to accomplish. I test product, take loads of photos and make face charts of exactly which products are used. Skincare is just as important as makeup because it prepares and protects the skin for the cosmetics, which sometimes will be on an actor’s face for up to 14 hours!

In fact, my actors have become quite spoiled by me now because this Pro recently added an entire men's skincare line to my professional skincare prep kit. I had been searching for skincare that is specifically targeted for men because men do not always pay as close attention to their needs as women do, even though they make a substantial living with their face up on the big screen, men seem to be more laid back then women!

I wanted to provide the same skin prep detail to male actors and that requires handling issues that most women do not have to deal with daily. Razor burn is a very common occurrence and sometimes actors have to shave twice or more during the day if their shooting schedule goes long. Inflammation can be hard to cover, red bumps are painful and irritating and if an actor wants to use a straight razor, then the potential of nicking the face or neck area increases.

It is the job of a makeup artist to provide all their clients with proper products so my extensive research began. Recently, I discovered a skincare line called Kyoku for Men. Developed by Asim Akhtar, who has extensive knowledge of the beauty industry, he was practically born in a beauty lab and created his first brand at the tender age of 13, this product line was the answer to all of my male skincare woes!

According to his bio, Asim traveled the world searching and researching natural ingredients to develop a scientifically superior skincare regime for men of all ages. His passion brought him to a small Japanese village just two hours outside of Tokyo called Yuzuri Hara - the village of long life.

During his time there he discovered that 10% of the population was over 80 years old and that there was a lack of heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s in this town because of the impeccable condition of the inhabitants skin.

Further investigation showed that the men in this region of Japan had nearly 5-times the amount of hyaluronic acid than the average man, despite the fact that aging usually slows its synthesis.

For those of you who do not know, hyaluronic acid is a protein found in collagen production and the structural integrity of the skin relies heavily on collagen to look young. This Pro is so obsessed with collagen levels in my own skin that I wear a special acupuncture patch on a pulse point, which claims to trigger my cells to reproduce collagen in a dying cell.

Asim Akhtar invented the Kyoku for Men skincare range by combining active natural ingredients that the villagers used in both their skincare rituals and diets with cutting edge technology so that the products penetrate the epidermis into the dermis, which will overall increase collagen synthesis.

Kyoku for Men's 3 basic skincare rituals include: Cleanse, Scrub, Fuel and here are the products this Pro uses on her clients:

Daily Facial Cleanser - this product is mild, but will energize, regenerate and sooth the skin penetrating the pores and promoting skin cell renewal.

Exfoliating Facial Scrub - this product will smooth away dead skin cells while deep cleaning. Removes excess oil and tones the skin. Perfect balance.

Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer - this advanced vitamin C formula allows for an effortless electric shave and will cool and protect the skin from irritation.

Sake Infused Shave Cream (Sensitive Skin) - provides a slick, moist surface for a close, accurate and calming shave.  This product also comes in a "normal skin" formula.

Razor Repair Balm - this product is for post-shave and will help reduce redness and pain while calming, healing and repairing the skin. This Pro carries this product in case the razor my actor is using causes irritation.

Oil Control Lotion - this is a unique product that absorbs excess oil leaving the skin shine free and fully hydrated. This Pro uses it instead of a typical matte gel if my actor's skin seems excessively oily.

Pore Reducing Serum - this product is amazing in that it reduces pore size while rehabilitating the skin. Men tend to have larger pores because they do not pay as close attention to the treatment of their skin as women do, this product will help with elasticity and will hydrate the skin during the day.

Facial Moisturizer - this formulation caters to the skin no matter your age. Penetrating below the surface of the skin, this product will leave the face feeling smooth and will help to heal peeling, sun damaged, over exposed skin.

Eye Fuel - Cellular radiance crème and uplifting eye gel are combined to instantly energize and brighten the under eye area while providing long term, anti-aging effects. This product will tighten, reduce lines and prevent new lines from forming. Apply separately or mix together.

Lip Fuel - your lips are the most sensitive area on your face and they need to be protected. This product contains SPF 15 and a combination of three organic butters, which will make your lips feel remarkably soft without shine or gloss.

Kyoku for Men also has masks, body and travel accessory products, which you can find on their website or from the following retailers:


Aaron's Apothecary - Chicago, IL
Barneys NY - New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills
Bink for Men -
Butler's Grooming for Men - Alabama
Dermstore -


Male Essentials - Vancouver
Masc - Vancouver
Stroked Ego - Ottawa


Brummells of London -
Beauty Bay -
Cult Beauty -
Alfred Dunhill Spa - London

Products are also available in Germany, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands and Singapore.

Kyoku for Men has won countless beauty awards and has been featured in prestigious magazines from GQ to Men's Health. More information can be found on their website or by contacting the company directly.