Indecent Exposure!

As a professional makeup artist sometimes my job extends beyond brushes, powders, shadows and lipsticks! On freelance projects, I always get asked to lend a helping hand in other departments!

It happens so frequently that I now carry "emergency" accoutrements so that I can handle issues that pop up during a typical day that do not relate to makeup. By this, I am referring to all the normal necessities one might find in a wardrobe or stylist's set bag. I stock deodorant, garment tape, no sew hemstitch, lint roller, Tide Pens, etc.  Somehow, over time and due to experience, feminine hygiene, first aid supplies and a small sewing kit have found a permanent home in my "other" kit too.

I would never be able to replace the experts in the wardrobe department, but I can certainly help when the budget does not warrant a full crew! During live events, sometimes I am the only one to accompany the client to the backstage area from the dressing room for touch ups, so I get asked to handle all "last looks" from every style department. I feel like I can handle minor to semi major wardrobe malfunctions...well, maybe more minor than MAJOR!

Recently, a great company called Solutions that Stick contacted me and sent me a few things from their inventory to test out. This company solves every wardrobe problem you will ever have (and their website is hilarious). No matter the wardrobe issue, be it sweat stains, stinky smells, malfunctions, dragging hems, deodorant marks, slipping bra straps, toothpaste drool, etc., Solutions that Stick can solve it!

Kim Oleincoff who is an expert on boobs, sweat and embarrassing bodily functions started the company! She was a very successful attorney before starting her own company called Garment Guard, which was the first disposable adhesive underarm shield and Nordstrom was one of her first accounts! Over time, Kim has become a miracle worker and now provides easy, affordable solutions for all wardrobe, household and laundry issues. I like to think that she solves the problems I didn't even know I had!

This Pro was sent the following:

Quick Fix Sticks - this product helps to quickly fix hems on pants or skirts, gaping between buttons on blouses or keeping a plunging neckline in place. I have been asked by an audio tech for this product because it is strong enough to hold a microphone wire in place on wardrobe. I have also used it to adhere a "name tag" prop to a rented shirt avoiding the pinholes and a damaged garment fee. This product is also great for holding slipping bra or camisole straps in place.

Skid Out - we have all had this put on your deodorant and then your shirt and now you have deodorant residue on your clothes. These handy, reusable sponges are the solution! Gently rub the sponge on the garment and your problem is instantly erased. These specially textured sponges also remove toothpaste drool, baby spit-up, makeup powder smudges and pet hair!

Wundercover - this product is amazing! I recently had to cover a tattoo that was not visible in my makeup room, but became an issue right before my actress was set to go on live television! She had a small ankle tattoo that would be visible under her long dress when she walked across a stage to her podium to address the audience. My director wanted it covered and I had a few seconds to do it!

Instead of breaking out my makeup, I remembered that I had Wundercover on hand. It is a thin, sticky fabric that blends with most skin tones (unless you have a deep skin tone - hopefully the makers of Wundercover will develop universal tones soon). You apply two layers depending on how dark the tattoo is and because this product comes in perforated sheets, it is easy to find the appropriate size. While this product won't cover an entire back tattoo or a sleeved arm, it will quickly cover small-ish body art for a wedding, live event or because you are scared of grandma's reaction. Plus, this product is great on your feet to prevent or cover blisters from shoes!

Knicker Sticker - yep...this product is exactly what you think it is...disposable underware! This product is 100% cotton and adheres to the inside crotch of pants or shorts, which enables you to wear these garments sans panties. Say goodbye to panty lines or whale tale from your thong when you sit down or bend over!

White Collar Grime - sweat stains are just gross and the wardrobe department has tricks up their sleeve (no pun intended) to banish those yellow stains for good. This product will protect your garment and prevent that "ring" around the collar. It is also great along the inside of hatbands to protect against the transfer of makeup and it works to cover itchy embroidery that can irritate your skin.

Garment Guard - this product keeps your clothes clean and free from embarrassing armpit stains. I use these constantly because my actor/actress will sweat on set causing wet stains on their wardrobe. These are a time and budget saver because they cut down on the need to change clothes frequently or purchase numerous quantities of the same item.

Nipplomats - these are not your traditional "pasties!" 100% silicone adhesive that are designed for the most sensitive skin, but if you are allergic to silicone then you will want to find another solution. They are reusable up to 10 times (on the same person...I just thought I needed to confirm that I do not share Nipplomats amongst my clients - yuck)! Almost every actress and some actors too, need to use these at some point. Be discreet sans bra when wearing an evening gown, silk shirt, sheer top or even a bathing suit top. Nipplomats also come in a reusable silicone with a Polyurethane outer cover that are reusable up to 25 times.

Invisibelt - this Pro was so happy to receive this product because I had been dealing with a wardrobe issue on a recent, low budget film! My actress needed to wear a belt with the jeans that were provided to her from a wardrobe stylist who was not able to be on set due to money constraints! The jeans were too big and kept falling down without a belt, but the belt buckle was bulging under her t-shirt and my director thought it was distracting and asked me to find a solution. Ever tried to safety pin jeans? doesn't work! Invisibelt was my savior! It is an invisible, adjustable belt with no belt buckle because you snap the ends closed. Problem solved!

If you suffer from any of the embarrassing issues I have mentioned above or if you have a special or absurd problem pertaining to clothing or shoes, then I highly recommend checking out Solutions that Stick! You can't possibly shock the ladies at this company, they have heard it all and this team lives to cure daily clothing catastrophes!

To order products from Solutions that Stick go to and tell them this Pro sent you!