Do it like a Pro this Halloween...

The Pros at IMPO love Halloween because it is the one holiday that you can become anyone or anything you want and you don’t have to buy any presents! Plus, the more original the costume the better, so now is the time to let your freak flag fly and think outside the box!

This post is going to be a little different because we won’t be giving you makeup how-to’s on characters we think you should be this season, but instead we will present you with a behind the scenes guide on where the Pro’s shop. We hope that this will help the consumer find just what they need to bring their Halloween visions to life!

If you are thinking of a total transformation, the type that even your own mother won’t recognize you, then we suggest either purchasing or renting a mask.

SPFX Masks – remember the scene in the movie Drive where Ryan Gosling takes a mask from the makeup trailer in order to disguise himself to kill the big mob boss? Well that mask was from SPFX! They specialize in both Realistic and Monster Silicone masks that will instantly transform you from human to horrible. By far these are the most convincing masks on the market today and they are the most comfortable to wear. They fit like a glove and allow your mouth to move naturally with the mask insuring extreme realism.

The Horror Dome – this company specializes in Latex masks that are affordable and high quality. Most are hand painted and hand “haired” for the ultimate in realism. If you are looking to really scare the crap out someone, this is your best bet! They also sell props, animatronics and costumes! The Pros particularly love the Crypt Keeper!

Are you on a smaller budget? No worries! Try your hand at using appliances, both silicone or latex, like the Pros do when needing to get the most bang for a producer’s buck!

The Scream Team – try your hand at actual FX Makeup application and get affordable foam latex appliances. These pieces were developed by award-winning FX Makeup Artists that are working in Hollywood today, so they know a thing or two about creating scary monsters. Just log on, pick your creature, purchase, then download the instructions and you are well on your way to a hauntingly great Halloween!

Cinema Secrets Woochie – you can still create an incredible character transformation using appliances from Woochie on the smallest budget and the good folks as Cinema Secrets have detailed videos with helpful hints in order to make application easy and last throughout the night! Cinema Secrets is a one-stop-shop for all things Halloween located in Burbank, California and they supply many film studios with makeup for big budget movies, but you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to shop there. Cinema Secrets is open to the public and they have a great website with amazing customer service, so even if you live outside of Los Angeles you can still shop like a Pro!

Water-Melon Appliance Kit by Michael Davy – the Pros met Michael Davy at this summer’s IMATS in Los Angeles and we loved his realistic appliances so much that we stocked up immediately! So, if you are into really cool wounds then this is where you want to shop! These are so easy to apply and remove and Michael has included everything you need, even the blood, in every package!

Maybe you want to keep things simple or you are extremely artistic, then we suggest checking out face and body makeup and paints.

Kryolan Professional Make-up Supracolor and Aquacolor – for 66 years this makeup company has served the theater, film and television industry around the globe.  They manufacturer a variety of products for every aspect of makeup artistry you can possibly think of, but the Pros love using the Supracolor and Aquacolor palettes when we are feeling out of the box creative! These “paints” are safe for the skin and face and are so pigmented that a little goes a very long way. You can thin them down and make a wash of color or use them at their full potential. Basically, the sky is the limit!

MakeUpForEver Flash Palette – this 12 color, cream palette is amazing. The makeup combinations are endless, which means your creativity is endless. You can use the highly pigmented colors all over the body and face and you can mix them together to make custom foundation colors. Regardless of your level of artistry, this palette is fun to play with everyday!

Of course there are many types of face and body paints out on the market that you can purchase as individual colors instead of in palettes. Ben Nye, MAC, Joe Blasco, MakeUpForever and Kryolan all carry assortments that range in price, just give them a Google.

If you are looking for something super easy, but that packs a big punch then try some temporary tattoos!

TinsleyTransfers – chances are if you go to the movies, you have already seen TinsleyTransfers at work, because almost every major film and television actor portraying a character has worn these babies. They are the Pro’s secret weapons because they look very real on camera, but the folks at Tinsley also make really cool Gorywood tattoos that look like real injuries. You can pick up this product at Naimie’s Beauty Center in Valley Village, California or order them off their website. This beauty center is where all the Pros shop, but it is open to the public too. The staff at Naimie’s is very knowledgeable and can help you with the exact makeup you need. They also stock a variety of the products that we have mentioned in this post, including MakeUpForEver products.

If you still need some visual help on ideas for choosing a look this Halloween then we suggest getting online and searching images of professional makeup face charts. MAC, MakeUpForEver and others have several themes for Halloween that will help boost your creative thinking!

Hopefully, the information in this post gives you options on where to purchase professional grade makeup this Halloween and for a few inspirational ideas if you are having trouble deciding on what to be this year. Now you can avoid the cheap and sometimes disgusting makeup sold in mass marketed Halloween stores!

Have fun, create and be safe this Halloween!

*all photos are the work of other makeup artists.