Spotlight: Chella Skincare

The Pros at IMPO have our favorites! Favorite makeup, hair products, brushes, disposables and of course, skincare! In the past, we have posted on this blog and put up on YouTube a video about Melissa’s favorite skincare but today, it’s Cathi’s turn!

As professional makeup artists and bloggers, we are sent many products yearly to test out. Plus, we purchase products for our kits and our personal use several times during the year too!

We test everything before we add it to our kits or write blog post reviews, however testing several different lines monthly can wreak havoc on your skin. Even though we test all products on our clients, as well as ourselves, the IMPO team takes the brunt of the skincare testing because we do not want to risk our actors having breakouts or creating skin issues!

Cathi is the “baby” of the IMPO family and she has sensitive skin that has a tendency to be dry. She’s getting ready to turn the big 3-0 this year and because her skin changes depending on the seasons, as well as stress levels and with the typical signs of aging, Cathi finally found an amazing skincare line that has regulated her skin.

Here’s her review:

“Fight aging that is seen and unseen for undeniable, tangible results.”

Chella Skin Care is a cutting edge line that combines science and skin care to produce a product that targets the aging process, how to slow it down and minimize the results while maintaining healthy vibrant skin. Because of Chella you don’t have to become a mad scientist to fight fine lines and dull skin.

Anti-Fatigue Eye Masks: Do you have 20 minutes to look like you’ve slept a full 8 hours? Thought so! This mask is packed with collagen and peptides that de-puff, firm and smooth fine lines around the entire eye by 15%. In other words, look well rested, hydrated, and bright eyed with these magical patches. Repeat the process once a week for four weeks for lasting results.

It also diminishes redness and swelling that are common due to stress, caffeine, and lack of sleep. Both Melissa and I were lucky enough to try these masks at a recent skincare event. The eye masks are cooling, and very soothing on the skin. It felt like a spa treatment with the convenience of being travel friendly.

Hydrating Cleanser Lush Balm: I have to say I first fell in love with this product because of its appearance. How shallow, I know! It is a beautiful coral creamy balm with an invigorating citrus scent, reminiscent of a Summer-type candle. I had never used such a thick balm on my skin, but with winter weighing heavy on me, my skin needed the hydration.

I applied as instructed, first going on dry skin, then adding warm water. This balm rocks! It not only rids my skin of dirt and bacteria, it also removes my makeup, including my mascara and red matte lipstick (not an easy feat).

Instantly I thought of this balm for my Pro makeup kit as it is applied dry, then rinsed with warm water, making it extremely easy to clean or prep skin while in the makeup chair. And it’s not something that will tip over and spill in my kit! Bonus!
I have found this cleanser to be universal for all skin types, but especially those that are more on the dry side. The balm contains olive oil, which leaves skin feeling smooth and supple after rinsing.

Exfoliating Cleanser Micro Bead Purifier: I use every three days as an exfoliator. It is made especially for “challenged skin.” With the changing climate and because I am in new locations everyday with work, it’s easy for my skin to lash out. Using this cleanser has helped bring balance to my skin tone and reduce breakouts significantly. It is by far the best smelling exfoliator I have ever used- a refreshing cucumber scent that makes it seem almost edible.

It contains jojoba beads that gently cleanse pores without drying or tearing at your skin. What makes this product unique is its encapsulated beta hydroxy acids, called MultiSal 20. It delivers time-released salicylic acid to help rid your skin of bacteria and excess oils.

Most items with salicylic acid can be very drying, especially in the T Zone. I have not had any drying or irritation while using this product, yet my skin is smoother, more balanced and not as oily later in the day, during that magic 4 o‘clock hour where my energy and makeup are both put to the tested.

Resurfacing Matrix Enzyme and Lactic Treatment: Once a week I use this product to rid my skin of the week’s build up, bacteria, and dead skin cells. The lactic acid helps aid in cellular regeneration and contributes to giving a glow to the skin. The enzymes make this mini-peel just strong enough to smooth texture and create a more even balanced tone. Even sensitive skin types can use this weekly without redness or irritation.

Brow Kit-Auburn: I recently colored my hair to an auburn red color. Going from a natural blonde to red caused not only a total re-haul of my makeup regimen, but it also slightly changed my skin tone. I do not color my eyebrows, therefore I began the hunt for the perfect brow pencil. Enter Chella Brow Kit in Awesome Auburn. The kit comes with a brow pencil, highlighter pencil, clear brow gel and sharpener. It is the trifecta of perfect Auburn brows! It is a creamy pencil with just the right hue of warmth and not orange. It’s very blendable and the highlighter pencil is a fantastic pick-me-up for those early morning call times. Just a small sweep under the brows and in the inner eye corner, blend and then I head to craft service for a large coffee!

The Brow Kit also comes in Beautiful Blonde, Luscious Light Brown and Dazzling Dark Brown and retails for only $45.

Check out this great and informative video on the Chella product line: 

For more information on Chella Skin Care and to order products, visit their website