The Pros at IMPO are beauty obsessed…actually, let’s get a little more ghetto and say that we are “junkies!” We need and crave and must have our daily fix!

We used to spend countless hours shuffling through the “boards” we follow on Pinterest, but that never truly satisfied our craving! Thank goodness there’s a new kid in town! It’s a site dedicated to all things beauty…and only beauty! It's a new way to share paints and potions!

Introducing...drum roll please...Pampadour!

Here’s how it works…and by the don’t need an “invite!” Log on, fill out your profile and start pamping! Post your "can’t live without" products on your feed and connect with professionals, brands and bloggers.

You can tag photos and videos and show off your daily looks. Plus, Pampadour is a community built by beauty professionals that are happy to give advice, recommend products and feedback.

However, you must adhere to the Pamp Commandments listed below or suffer the consequences!

What is also exciting and unique about this site is their blog called “The Daily Pamp!” It’s more like an online “paper” that showcases the world of beauty.

You can travel on beauty adventures with individuals from all walks of life and discover how they appreciate the beauty that surrounds them or maybe you want to read about specific beauty issues like Botox being a potential treatment for depression.

"The Daily Pamp" reports on a wide variety of subjects from the Top 10 Healing Spa Treatments to exclusive interviews with some of the most respected makeup/hair/nail and skincare experts in the world.

We recently enjoyed reading an article on Nick Barose as he recapped some of his great Red Carpet adventures with his very famous clients and the article called “Macho or Metro,” which featured Director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) and his recent documentary called "Mansome" – this movie features models, actors, experts and comedians as they weigh in on the definition of masculinity.

Nick Barose

Jason Bateman & Will Arnett
in "Mansome"

"Mansome" Official Trailer

The Pros also loved reading the article “Imperfection is Sexy,” by Tiffany Etessami, who blurs the line between supermodel perfection and dares to ask…”are they perfect?" This article tells how, by today’s standards, models, actresses and the general public are beginning to embrace and even celebrate or highlight their imperfections.

The online paper also features beauty “muses,” like the incredible Talia Castellano, whose inspirational YouTube videos have captured hearts worldwide and Christy Turlington Burns who is a model and activist and founder of the Every Mother Counts organization dedicated to maternal health.

Talia Castellano

Talia's YouTube Channel

Christy Turlington Burns

So you see, Pampadour is not just another pretty face! It’s where the elite meet and “pamp” products that they are loving, using, testing and coveting. 

You can keep up on the latest trends, get advice on products before you invest, get educated on the world of beauty and share your product story by setting up your profile and pamping your must haves! 

Interact with the Pros and you never know…you may teach them a thing or two! You can also get your Pampadour fix on Facebook and Twitter! To start "pamping" click here! And don’t forget to “connect” us!