2010 Products of the Year!

In our world, there are products and then…there are totally OSCAR WORTHY products!

As professional makeup artists in film, television, photography and live events, we test, use, discard, revisit, discard again and add permanently to our kits, loads of products on the daily, weekly and monthly!

As you can imagine, this is not only our passion, but also our downfall because we have stockpiled enough makeup, skin and hair care products to supply a small outlet store for the next year!  Something that the men in our lives don’t understand, but tolerate and ignore!

We never know which products our clients will request and we never know what type of skin “situation” we will be tackling on a daily basis, but we do know what products we love and the ones we can count on!

Here are the products that rocked our world in 2010…

Skin Prep (prior to makeup application):

Talika – Eye Therapy Patch – this product has saved many from late night fiascos! It takes about 30 minutes after applying for the ingredients to help control and diffuse under eye wrinkles.  It helps to replenish moisture to the eye area so if your skin is dehydrated then this product can make a huge difference in your appearance.

Embryolisse – Lotion Micellar (No Rinse Makeup Remover) – This formula is a gentle cleansing agent that will remove makeup, dirt and grim from the skin and eye area effectively without the need of water!  The Pro’s use this on every skin type that sits in our chair!

Orlane - Absolute Radiance Lightbox – this is an easy three-part system that the Pro’s use to prep skin prior to a red carpet event!  It is our secret weapon to getting a glowing complexion in minutes.  If you have an upcoming special event, then this can ensure your skin will look utterly radiant!

SAMPAR – Prodigal Pen – this tiny vile contains the BEST detoxifying, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oils that work to treat, reduce, fight, disinfect and heal insect bites, razor burn and blemishes.  An absolute MUST have in both our Pro and personal arsenal!

Embryolisse – Lait-Crème Concentre (24-Hour Miracle Cream) – this moisturizer is used on all skin types, but works amazingly to reduce irritation after shaving.  When the Pro’s are on a very tight schedule and have very little time to prep the skin the way we like to, this product is a workhorse!  It is really three products in one (primer, moisturizer and remover) and most of our male clients request this product.  We also carry the Lait Crème Concentre Fluid Hydratant in our kits to banish dry skin on the hands and body and if you have peeling skin around your nose, chin or mouth area due to weather conditions then we rely on Baume Secours, which is a balm that is an intense treatment and repairs the driest, most damaged areas of the face and body.  Great for chapped lips!

Jan Marini – Age Intervention Face Cream – this product was invented for woman over the age of 25 and will help to restore elasticity in just one application.  It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles associated with sun damage.  Revitalizes the appearance and recaptures the skin’s normal hormonal balance. We use this product on EVERY one of our female clients!  Foundation, concealer and other makeup products apply so smoothly after prepping the skin with this product.

Jan Marini – C-Esta Eye Contour Cream – we apply this product after the Talika Eye Therapy Patch in order to lock in moisture and dramatically lessen the appearance of dark under-eye circles.  Used sparingly, this product will protect the eye area and firm the skin under the eye and brow bone.

Jan Marini – Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30 – the Pro’s highlight this product all the time on our blog because it is the only sunscreen we have found that provides protection against UV rays and doesn’t oxidize foundation color.  It is waterproof so it will not sweat off and it is non-greasy so it sinks into the skin without having to rub harshly.

CoverFX - Skinprep FX Foundation Primer & Serum – the Pro’s use this product on more mature skin to tighten pores.  We find that when we use this product after moisturizer (or in place of moisturizer in some cases) and before foundation, that our need to touch-up the skin during filming is considerably less.

CoverFX – Clear Prep FX – is another primer that we use on teen skin, skin that is prone to breakouts or skin that has breakouts due to lack of proper skin cleansing or diet because this product is a treatment too.  Helps to heal acne, control oil and reduce the appearance of large pores.

Eve Pearl – Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel (Light/Medium or Medium/Dark) – this product is a quick drying gel that provides instant mattifying of the skin.  The Pro’s use this product so frequently, that we have to stockpile tubes because it magically disappears from our kits (and is found in the pockets of our actors)! Controls oil for hours and regulates oil production.  Works incredibly on oily scalps (bald heads and hair lines)!

CoverFX – Eye Prep FX Anti-Age Smoothing Primer – this product is a miracle if you suffer from oily eyelids and/or have problems with eye makeup fading, smudging or running.  It is silicone-free and is ideal for sensitive eye areas.


Viseart - Concealer Palette – this product has every color corrector you will need regardless of your skin tone.  It contains special colors like green to neutralize red.  Remember, these are specialized colors and you should make sure you understand how color correctors work before you attempt to apply them yourself.

Make Up For Ever – HD Microperfecting Primer – this formula is lighter weight and is a complexion corrector that will improve the skin’s texture.  This product is good for the correction of minor skin issues.

CoverBlend - Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15 – if you have major skin imperfections, birthmarks, acne scars, bruises, age spots, varicose veins or if you need to cover a tattoo then this product works miracles!


Smashbox – Contour Kit Palette – these colors are perfect for contouring and highlighting and it comes with easy how-to instructions and a perfect sized applicator/brush.

Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream – another workhorse in our Pro kit because this product can be used for moisturizing, over lipstick for gloss, to create glossy-eye looks that you see on the pages of fashion magazines and as one of the best highlighters for cheeks and brow bones!


Make Up For Ever – HD Invisible Cover Foundation – medium to full coverage liquid foundation that is invisible on screen!  This foundation is requested by most of our clients and comes in 25 shades so finding your exact match is easy.  The Pro’s apply this product using a Hakuhodo G544 and G545.

NARS – Powder Foundation SPF 12 – this product is a lightweight formula that provides great coverage.  Easy to blend with a large powder brush for a sheer finish or use a sponge for a heavier coverage.  The Pro’s use this product on most of our male clients and for contouring the face.  Applied with the same Hakuhodo brushes listed above.

Visiora – Cream Face Makeup – this product is found in all celebrity makeup artist kits!  Offers more coverage than a liquid or powder and is formulated to give a flawless face.  Insider tip: the Pro’s use both the cream and coordinating powder foundation to provide major coverage on acne or other skin imperfections.  The Pro’s apply this foundation using a Tricia Sawyer Beauty Foundation Brush.

Eve Pearl – Salmon Concealer – you will never need another concealer ever! Say goodbye to dark circles! This cream formula provides full coverage with a non-greasy texture that applies smoothly and offers the advantage of a powerful anti-oxidant, which makes it a treatment too!  The Pro’s apply this product using a MAC 224 Brush.

Purely Cosmetics – Diamond Perfect Finish – this product is the ONLY product that you want to settle into the lines and pores on your face!  Trust us!  This product is made with nearly a carat of real diamonds that will decrease the appearance of wrinkles by refracting light and because it is so finely milled it won’t give off a shimmer or shine, but instead it gives an airbrushed-like glow to the skin.  Apply with a large powder brush or Hakuhodo brush listed above.

Tricia Sawyer Beauty – Essential Palette – color is color right? Wrong!  You have to take into consideration pigment, blendability and whether colors are warm or cool for the skin tone.  This palette is perfect because all the colors can be used regardless of the tone; they are neither too warm nor too cool. Each shade is an “essential” and has multi-uses from eyes, cheeks, contour, brows, etc.  They are matte, which means they look great on all ages and because they are twice the size of regular shadows this palette is an amazing value!  If you are looking for the perfect 5-minute face, then look no further!

Senna Cosmetics – Cheeky Blush – this product is a cream and a powder blush all in one!  Pigmentation is gorgeous and this product’s staying power is incredible.  Blends beautifully and will not streak.  Apply with finger or use Airbrush Cheek Brush and buff into the skin.

Avon – Super Shock Gel Pencil – normally we don’t love any type of pencil for the eyes, but when we were introduced to this product via the makeup gurus of Pixiwoo, we decided to give them a go.  This formula is gel liner in pencil form, which makes them extremely easy to apply.  The color is very pigmented, easy to blend and the color will not fade.  However, this product is NOT good for people who wear contact lenses because it will flake during the application process before it settles and becomes waterproof.

Bobbi Brown – Long-wear Gel Eyeliner – if you do wear contact lenses and you are looking for a gel liner, then this is the very best we have found.  Normally, the Pro’s are big on using eye shadow wet for eyeliner however, when we know that we need to up the staying power or if we need to tight line the upper water line, (which is almost every time) then this is the product we reach for.  It comes in amazing colors and Bobbi makes a great brush for application.

Make Up For Ever – Lash Fibers – this product will bump up any mascara formula!  The Pro’s apply this product and let it dry for approximately 3 minutes before using mascara.  It is a primer for the lashes, which helps lengthen and separate prior to mascara application.

Makeup Setting Spray:

Skindinavia – Cool Flash Makeup Finish – this product is a heat control makeup setting spray that we can’t work without!  Originally made for women who suffer from menopause, this product works on all genders and will cool the body and prevent makeup meltdown for up to 16 hours!

Makeup Remover:

MAC Cosmetics – Wipes – another staple in our kit are these wipes!  They work to remove all makeup from the face and eyes and are infused with Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish the skin.
Jan Marini - Age Intervention Gentle Cleanser - another new staple to our kit, but one that was worth waiting for!  This mild and effective cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin, which is how we treat our client's skin after a long day on set regardless of their real skin type.  Use with the Clarisonic Cleansing System below.

Clarisonic – Pro Cleansing System – this is a recent addition to our Pro makeup kit, but one that will never be removed!  Used on both the face and body, it is the most effective way to remove makeup, dirt and grim from the skin.  It works to thoroughly cleanse the pores and prepare them to receive skin care.

SAMPAR – Quenching Mist – sprayed on the skin after cleansing to sooth and invigorate, the Pro’s like to apply skincare while the skin is still wet with this product.

Jan Marini – C-Esta Serum – after a long day on the set this product acts to repair the skin.  Can be used morning and night, but the Pro’s rely on this product to treat our client’s tired skin and apply at night for overnight healing.

SAMPAR – Nocturnal Lifting Mask – this is a nourishing night mask that improves skin texture and tone overnight.  The body goes through a natural reparative process as we sleep and this product will help the skin recover from environmental stress from the day.

Votre Vu – Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Crème – specialized formula dedicated to refining the texture and smoothing the appearance of neck tissue.  The neck area has different issues than the face and is subject to more sagging.  This product will treat and diminish lines, which helps the skin look younger.

Hair Care:

Votre Vu – Cheveux Heureux Shampoo Riche and Conditioner Riche – when the Pro’s were introduced to this product, Melissa Street had just decided to take her hair from blonde to chocolate brown (a la Angelina Jolie) and she was searching for a shampoo/conditioner that would help prolong trips to the hairstylist for touchup!  We believe this product has helped and repaired our hair.  We don’t use this product on our clients, but we have recommended this line to many and those who have used it say they are very satisfied.

Leonor Greyl – Masque Quintessence – this is the hair mask that we rely on to penetrate and repair our damaged hair after highlighting, straightening or other trauma our poor hair encounters.  Again, we don’t use this product on our clients, but most have used this product because of our recommendation and we have noticed a difference in manageability, shine and softness.

Phyto – Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Volume Spray – now this product we DO use on our clients and we love how it helps the hair reach new heights!  Heat-activated spray that boots at the root to help when more lift is needed.  Perfect to use before setting hair in hot rollers or to prep the hair before an up-do.

Leonor Greyl – Eclat Naturel – we use this cream for dry hair styling.  Helps dehydrated hair and makes restyling without the need for shampooing easy.

Phyto – Phytolise Finishing Serum – this product was added to our kit recently because we were desperate to find a product that would control flyaways and tame frizz when shooting on a green screen.  This product is non-greasy and helps to maintain glossy shine.  Our newest staple hair product!

In closing, we hope this list of our top 2010 Products of the Year has been useful and we wish all of our readers a very happy and healthy New Year!  

If you have any comments, feel free to leave them on our blog or if you have a beauty related question contact us via email at thepros@epicmakeup.com, we would love to hear from you.