Runway To Real Way!

When some of the most creative and artistic designers are all put under one roof (or tent), an explosion of fabulous fashion and mind blowing makeup are the result. In other words, Fashion Week!

New York Fashion Week is the mecca for all things fashion and beauty related. It holds artists at such a high standard and allows for a true expression of art, whether it be with a needle and thread or a makeup brush.

Pro makeup artists like me keep an “idea” folder that contains a wide array of beauty looks, colors and trends. It’s my Look Book that I go to when in need of inspiration. A lot of the pictures inside of my folder are from past Fashion Weeks and I pull from these looks whether I am working a photo shoot, film or television show.

While some of the looks sported on the runway are not exactly everyday wear, they are excellent examples of ways to flex your artistic muscles and not be bound by the day to day routine. Here are samples and how-to info from a few recent runway shows that we love:

For the sleek, clean and polished look above, which would be gorgeous for a night on the town, it’s important to start out by perfecting the skin. Matte skin is in this season, and this model has a flawless finish played up by fiery red lipstick.

Achieve this look by using a matte finish liquid foundation, like Nars Sheer Matte Foundation. Using a foundation brush to apply it, start from the middle of the face and work out. This will give the most coverage where needed, while still giving your skin a bright radiance that looks healthy and natural.

Red matte lipstick is definitely a product you want to stay put. Blend Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer around your lip line for a smudge-proof, waterproof, long wearing lip color that won’t feather or bleed. Lipstick Queen has a waterproof Lip Liner that is still moisturizing to your lips. Colors Red or Rouge applied all over the lip will ensure a long lasting pout.

Want a little sheen on those lips? Apply Lipstick Queen's Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Thriller over the lip pencil. It is a draw-on gloss packed into a chubby pencil that is great for touch ups.

You should also leave the eyes simple by using one color shadow in a neutral vanilla shade and add a few coats of black mascara, then contour the cheekbones with a light bronzer to define and help structure the roundness of the face.

High fashion makeup always pushes the limits when it comes to bold colors. To wear one of these looks, refer back to your handy color wheel. Wearing complimentary colors on the eye, cheek and lips will fuse the look together and actually bring out the bold bright colors even more.

Overblending can be the downfall of a dramatic look. Blend with the brush containing the color and then take a clean blending brush, preferably smaller, and sharpen up the area. Using a clean brush will help keep the lines of color clear and more defined. And the smaller brush also helps you get in those nooks and crannies of the eye.

Get high impact color by layering cream liner or cream shadow under powder shadows. Nars cream shadows in Zardoz and Nomad would be great bases for the eye look above. Pack on color using a dense and full, flat brush and pat color into the cream before blending.

I prefer cream blushes under powder blush because not only does the color look more vibrant, it lasts longer, especially for those with oily skin. Eve Pearl's new HD Foundation Cream Blush Trio are three gorgeous colors (a peach, pink and bronze) that can add instant warmth to any cheek. These blushes are packed with pigment and are buildable on the face. Blend Gingersnap powder blush from Smashbox Cosmetics over the cream blush to achieve a warm cinnamon glow.

If you want to try a hot pink cheek, like the Marc Jacobs model below, go with the just re-launched Radiance blush from Smashbox. It’s a bold color in the container, but can be worn lightly for a soft flush, or packed on for a "doll" like pink. It is also perfect as an eyeshadow to compliment this look.

Draw out that long liner to the hairline using a liquid liner to create a border. Nars makes a felt tip liner called Eyeliner Stylo that gives a perfect line with ease. Match up M.A.C’s Sketch eyeshadow in the crease with Make Up For Ever’s Lavender 9 eyeshadow as a base.

At the other end of the spectrum, the clean, fresh face sometimes graces the runways. Some may think this requires virtually no makeup or time, but its quite the opposite! It can take longer because any flaw or unblended concealer streak will show.

The model above has a dewey bronze finish. Start out by using a sheer foundation to even out skin tone like DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation, which is a foundation in an aerosol can that gives an airbrushed effect to the skin. Set lightly with a translucent powder in the t-zone.

The naked makeup face is nothing without being contoured. Use a matte finish bronzer, like Orlane Paris Bronzing Powder or even a nude tone eyeshadow two shades darker than your skin and contour below the cheekbone, around the hairline at the forehead, under the chin, tip of the nose, and lightly on each side of the nose from the brow. Complete the look by brushing the brows upward in a natural form and keep in place with brow gel like Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel.

If looking for a bit of color or shimmer to add to this look, try a light cinnamon toast color washed acrossed the eyelid and a matte lip stain just one shade slightly darker than your natural lip. Try Kevin Aucoin’s Expert Lip Tint in Falon for a perfect nude shade.


To remove all of the above makeup looks in a "flash" use M.A.C. Wipes! Swipes away makeup, dirt and grim in a red hot minute! These wipes contain a M.A.C. cleanser and toner along with Vitamin E to help protect and hydrate the skin.


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Post written by Cathi Singh - freelane makeup artist, Smashbox Cosmetics representative and Contributing Pro for In My Professional Opinion blog. All cosmetic product listed above was purchased by Cathi for her professional kit or given as gratis for her to use on her clients.