Inside our Pro Hair Kits - T3 Micro

While the Pros’ business cards do not say hairstylist, it is often a requirement in the world of freelance that we provide hair services or create/change hair looks on set, without permanently altering the appearance of our actors or models.

Over the past 10 years, the Pros have acquired many tools, accessories and styling products, however we have never felt totally confident with those purchases and over time we realized we had accumulated a hodge-podge of too many items that were not effective.

If you know the Pros personally or if you have worked with us professionally, then you know that we pride ourselves in providing the very best to all of our clients. Regardless of who sits in our chair, everyone gets the same "star" treatment and we have worked hard to insure that the general hair skills taught to us in makeup school were perfected by taking private courses from some of the best hairstylists in our business. 

In the past, the Pros had purchased very expensive, heavy products that left not only our shoulders and arms hurting, but also our wallets begging for mercy! While the flat irons and curling irons were a popular brand name with a great reputation, we were never really satisfied with the overall performance and felt as if we had wasted money. Basically, they worked great on some types of hair and let us down on others. Some created or enhanced frizz, some couldn’t create a curl no matter what we did and some damaged thin, fine hair even on the lowest setting and using protective hair products - not good and not professional!

Our blow dryers were the worst…big, bulky and weighed so much that we started to feel like we were working out at the gym. We would leave the makeup room sweaty, frustrated and with hair designs which needed constant attention during the rigorous hours on set.

Melissa, Cathi and Heather all agreed that it was time to revamp, reeducate and reinvest in our hair kits. Cathi had come across a line called T3 Micro last year while shopping at Naimes' Beauty Supply in Los Angeles. Melissa and Heather had heard of T3 Mirco and knew of their reputation as being the frontrunner in hair products, but we needed to see these tools in action.

One day on set, Cathi showed us how to use her recent T3 Mirco purchase, The Volumize Iron. The project we were working on called for a lot of hair work and style changes throughout the shoot. We used this tool all day to straighten both long and short hair, provide volume to flat hair and to change styles by creating soft, wavy curls.

This iron was able to get close to the root and lift it for instant volume while creating a smooth, straight, shiny result when pulled through. Later, we would learn that this product was originally designed to straighten short hair because it has a special “curved” shape, but we found that it works amazing on all lengths and textures. More importantly, we discovered that we did not reach for any other tools that entire day. The bottom line was that the hairstyles we created lasted longer and looked flawless on camera with less fly-a-ways and we used less styling product.

After that day on set, we went on the hunt for more information and products. Luckily, at The Makeup Show Los Angeles held earlier this year, T3 Micro had a booth and we were able to receive a full education and demo on the entire line.  Needless to say, we quickly replaced everything in our kits with T3 Mirco tools.

All three of us love the results we are getting with this product line so much that we thought we would provide you with individual reviews on our favorite tools and products.

Melissa’s favorites:

I own almost the entire T3 Mirco professional product line and I carry all of it to every set I work on every day. Be it a film, television show or commercial, news program, on-air interview, webseries, promotional photo shoot, corporate video, music video or media tour, this product line is always on hand.

Evolution Featherweight Professional Hair Dryer – My shoulders and arms no longer ache because this dryer weighs less than a spray bottle and because this product dries the hair up to 70% faster, I get results much quicker. Full blowouts are easier and the hair is left shiny, full and not frizzy. I am able to work on larger sections of hair without the fear of over drying. This dryer has 2 speeds and 3-heat settings plus a cool shot. The cord is also longer preventing tangles and providing ease in maneuverability around my actors. I also own this same dryer in a travel model, which has been great when shooting on location.

Fahrenheit450 Straightening Iron – this product works on hair fast with consistent results. It totally eliminates static and creates a glossy and polished look quickly without damage to the hair cuticle. This product also has a feature called “Auto World Voltage,” which means it automatically adjusts to any country’s voltage when using a plug adapter. I travel to Europe every summer with one of my actresses and I have spent tons of money purchasing foreign styling tools that never get used except when I work overseas. This tool is the most used product in my hair kit because I am able to create a variety of styles easily.

Tourmaline Ceramic Brushes & Tourmaline Carbon Combs – I own the largest (3 inch) Antigravity Barrel Brush and I am getting ready to purchase the rest of the line. I have found this brush to be a workhorse in my professional hair kit. I’ve learned that it retains the heat to create the shape and leaves the hair sleek with no frizz or static. The Free Flow Vent Brush does the same and the comb line is so durable that it can handle snarls and knots without breakage. Also, the combs properly distribute hair product, section the hair and break up tight curls evenly.

Cathi’s favorites:

When you are working in the fast paced world of video, television, film and new media, you cannot afford to be late! Time is money as they say and you never want to hear an AD yelling, “waiting on makeup and hair!” Ouch!

In the past, I felt frustrated with the results I was getting when asked to style a client’s hair so I made it my mission to improve, thinking that it must be my skill level more than my tools! I was relieved to discover that indeed I was wrong and it was the opposite! While my skills were up to par, it was the tools I carried in my hair kit that were falling short! When I discovered T3 Micro I knew I had stumbled upon a pot of gold and I quickly shared my findings with my fellow makeup/hair partners!

Evolution Featherweight Professional Hair Dryer – I love this product too because some of my clients have fine, dry, damaged hair and this product transforms it to shiny and smooth with full body in minutes. The ion and infrared heat dries the hair quickly so if you have thick hair that takes forever to dry, you will benefit from using this tool.

SinglePass Twirl Curling Iron – this product is like a little magician. It can create large round barrel curls, beachy waves, and loose voluminous curls, all with only one curl, ONE TIME. The ionic heat is distributed fast and evenly through the silver infused barrel. If I find that I am going to be on a shoot that has very limited time scheduled for hair looks, this tool is the first thing I grab when packing my kit!

Heather’s favorites:

I work mainly on editorial and fashion photo shoots for major magazines and for the runway industry. I also work in the reality based television world and I have a very large bridal business, which means that I have to travel...A LOT! When I was introduced to the T3 Micro product line I was immediately drawn to the technology because I need tools in my kit that will not only work fast with incredible results, but that can withstand the severity of travel both domestically and beyond!

SinglePass Whirl Professional Styling Wand - when I used the tools for the first time, I was on a fashion shoot and it was requested that the model have stick straight hair. Of course, the Fahrenheit450 Straightening Iron worked amazing and the magazine was very happy with the end result. However, as the day progressed a few changes were made and I was asked to take that same model's hair from straight to voluminous and full within a short period of time. Now, if you are a professional artist, you know how hard it can be to add back curl and wave that you have taken out, but with the T3 Micro styling wand I was able to achieve the desired looks for my client within in record time.

I love the Evolution Featherweight Professional Hair Dryer as well for all the same reasons that my colleagues have listed above, but what I am really interested in and will be purchasing very soon is T3 Micro’s Hot Rollers.

I have learned that they come in various sizes for short, medium or long length hair and these rollers are flocked which gives the hair a natural shine. They are infused with the same tourmaline and have the maximum levels of ions and infrared heat like all the other tools, so these rollers will heat up fast, have high heat retention and will ensure that the hair has a radiant finish with no frizz.

Using hot rollers is a very easy and quick way to create gorgeous waves and give the hair bounce and body that will last all day and night. I think these will be perfect for my bridal clients so I am looking forward to adding them to my professional kit soon!

To sum things up, as professionals it is very comforting to know that you can trust the tools in your kit to work efficiently and quickly, as well as provide incredible results. It is our professional opinion that because of these tools the hair holds style longer and it has cut the need for major hair touch-ups during our film, television and photo shoot schedules.

We all agree that we have finally made a wise investment for our businesses and we are starting to purchase the tools for our personal use too! 

For more information or to purchase T3 Micro products please visit their website at

All photos above are courtesy of Heather Wilson - all hair looks have been created using T3 Micro tools however, these are not press or promotional photos for T3 Micro. Permission was received through proper channels to post them on this blog. 

Melissa Street and Cathi Singh's photos are not legally able to be published on this blog post because they do not own the rights to the production stills on projects that they are currently working on.