Body Electric!

I sing the body electric

I glory in the glow of rebirth

Creating my own tomorrow

When I shall embody the earth...

Remember Fame? This was a very important and inspiring movie to this Pro back in 1980! I wanted to be a dancer, singer, actress and musician. I wanted to attend New York’s High School for Performing Arts!

However, like many young teenagers, I had a warped sense of what a healthy body should look like and spent many hours pouring over the pages of Vogue, Glamour and Cosmo! Skinny models looked amazing to me and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t look like them!

When I became a makeup artist I worked with tons of professional models and I discovered something…they have a very hard job. They have to stay thin (sometimes abnormally thin) in order to work. They don’t eat! They don’t indulge in a craving! They are not “normal!”

No offense to anyone; it just became very clear to me that my body type was not that of a fashion model even though I had the height! I was happy that I chose a different path by making those models even more beautiful through the art of makeup.

We can’t all have a dancer’s body even if we spend 5 days a week in the gym! Dancers are gifted and use different muscle groups when they “work out” and getting on the machines at the gym just doesn’t do the job! You have to move your body and dance like no one is watching!

Through the natural process of aging our skin looses elasticity and muscle tone if we do not exercise and we have to watch what food we put into our body as well. When this Pro was young, eating the occasional Hostess Twinkie was not a big deal, but today I would feel incredibly guilty if I allowed myself to taste that delectable treat.

Why? Because I know myself and I can’t have just one Twinkie, I must have several and that is bad for the body! Plus, do you know how far you have to walk on the treadmill to burn off the calories in just one Twinkie? Yikes! I don’t have that kind of time!

When you are a Pro MUA and you work on a movie or television set, there is an area that I try to stay away from as much as possible…that area is called “Craft Service!” Now, craft service is made up of amazing chefs and other crewmembers, whose full-time job is to provide the cast and other crew with food. Sometimes healthy and sometimes not!

You can get almost anything your little heart desires from craft service; grilled chicken, steamed veggies, fresh fruit, Ding Dongs, donuts, ice cream…see what I mean? Combine that food with the amount of stress a cast and crew is under while making that next big blockbuster film and you can imagine how out of control a person’s eating habits can get!

Celebrities have personal trainers and nutritionist that helps them stay fit, but what about us? It takes a village my friends and support from others for this Pro to control her cravings and to put those Ho, Ho’s DOWN!

Thank goodness there are many incredible beauty products on the market that can help your body look hot even when you have skipped your routine work out days at the gym or if you happen to be a complete couch potato!

This Pro thinks that all women are beautiful regardless of size, shape or color and it is time we all took a good look in the mirror! We need to appreciate ourselves and love those things we can’t change and take control of those we can!

Self-discipline is the name of the game, but there is no harm in purchasing those little body “helpers” invented by smart people who understand that sometimes we just don’t want to exercise or that we love to eat bread with loads of butter everyday (thank you Spanx)!

When this Pro is feeling lazy or like my body could use a little…makeover, I reach for the following products:

Clarisonic - this unbeatable skin care system comes with a brush head for both your face and body. Use it to say sayonara to dry spots and dead skin cells on your arms, legs and decollete!

Orlane Paris – S.O.S. Abdomen Firm & Reshape – "the must-have bodycare product to help remodel your abdomen and control sagging skin." Ladies!!!! Have you recently had a baby or have lost weight? Does your abdomen need a little tightening? Then you should try this product! Your skin will appear firmer and better toned!

CoverBlend – Corrective Leg & Body Makeup SPF 18 – an opaque, natural finish makeup developed to correct any imperfection on the hands, legs and body. Smudge and water resistant treatment makeup that moisturizes and protects the skin from the sun! Can cover tattoos and other discolorations (age spots, varicose veins, bruises, birth marks).

Talika – Bust Serum – this serum is a comprehensive beauty package giving volume, lift and firmness to the breast. It can prevent the tissue from sagging and improves bust appearance.

Lucy B – Frangipani Bronzer – pour a small amount of this incredible bronzing oil into your hands and apply to decollette, face, arms, and hair to add shine and shimmer! Has an amazing tropical fragrance of frangipani and coconut! Hello summer!

Clarins – Extra-Firming Body Care Replenishing Cream – gives your body nourishment and moisture. Helps to firm and revitalize skin everyday. Overtime skin can become more supple, softer and silky-smooth.

fresh – Umbrian Clay Treatment Soap – this bar can be used on your face and body to dramatically improve the overall quality of your skin. I use this daily in the summer to clean off sunscreen residue after a day at the pool or the beach!

It Cosmetics – My Beautiful Breasts – can't afford a "boob" job? Now you can and the best part about this amazing pain! This ket contains everything you will need to make your breasts appear full and lifted instantly. Plus this is a waterproof formula so you can exercise or swim and this product will not fade. Comes with a handy step-by-step instruction guide and this kit works on all body types and skin tones!

Carol’s Daughter – Almond Cookie Sea Salt & Body Scrub - what I love most about all the products from Carol's Daughter is that Carol's Daughter is really making, mixing, blending and testing all of those incredible products herself! This body scrub is perfect for smoothing rough or dry skin and it contains pure ingredients. Your body will be glowing!

Tarte Cosmetics – celluFight – this product does double duty! You can get a great tan and get taut in one easy step! This product helps to hydrate the skin and gradually tans your skin overtime, which can help to minimizes the appearance of cellulite. Also, it is formulated with skinTIGHT complex which will firm and tone the skin increasing elasticity.

Mdskincare Dr. Dennis Gross – Alpha Beta Daily Body Peel – designed with all skin types in mind, this product is first a peel formulated for daily at-home use. It is a unique two-step system with ready-to-use pads that contain a precise blend of alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids, as well as many other ingredients that will smooth and moisturizer your skin making it appear healthier and more vibrant.

Orlane Paris – Refining Arm Care – this product was created to target the arm area and to effectively fight against sagging skin. Used properly this product will help your arms regain their toned, defined and firm appearance. Make sure you follow directions and use for the recommended 45 days of treatment for the best results.

Sampar – Dew It Again Shower Gel – when this Pro needs a little pick-me-up I reach for Sampar's shower gel. This product completely indulges all of your senses and will make you feel renewed and invigorated. Plus it removes toxins and pollutants from your skin while reinforcing a natural barrier of defense helping to keep your skin smooth.

Laura Geller – Body Frosting – this is an extremely fine, silky smooth powder that adds warm luminosity to the body. Use to add a sexy shimmer to your arms, legs, shoulders, back and decollette.

Me! Bath – Shower Sherbet – when it is time to have a little bit of "fun" in the shower (no, ladies, not that kind of fun!), I reach for this Shower Sherbet! It smells just like a weekend afternoon when the dark clouds are rolling in and you get caught in a huge rain storm. Jump into a hot shower and let this product energize your body!

These products don’t exactly make me a Dolce & Gabbana super model, but they make me feel like The Body Electric song says…”and in time, and in time, we will all be stars!”


If you suffer from chest wrinkles then you are going to love what this Pro discovered at the recent IMATS Convention back in June. Nothing is more aging than wrinkles on your once beautiful chest! Decollette Pads were designed to correct and prevent chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side, sun damage, aging and gravity! These pads are made of 100% medical grade silicone and are reusable for up to 30 days! To place an order for Decollette Pads visit them online at


Up next on IMPO: Cover up! Got a tattoo or other skin issue? Tired of people commenting on it or need to cover it up for work or special occasion? Our next post will take you through step-by-step instructions on how to disguise your body art or birthmark!

Keep it Clean!

As a Pro MUA there is nothing more disgusting than a crusty, old, smelly cosmetic! It churns my stomach and frustrates me when I see people whip out their nasty powder compact, pick up the filthy puff and dust their face with it to reduce shine! Gag me with a spoon people!

I have worked so long in the makeup industry that simply smelling old mascara or lipstick makes me sick! You know what I am talking about: that…odor! How anyone can get a whiff of that mildew stank and still apply that cosmetic onto their face is beyond me!

Have you ever passed your favorite makeup counter and a new blush or lipstick color catches your eye? Before you reach for that tester, you might want to think twice about who used it before you, and more importantly, how they applied it.

Did you know that those unsanitary testers could contain staph bacteria like the kind found on doorknobs, a variety of different germs, E. Coli and fecal bacteria transmitted by unwashed hands?

You can pick up herpes from a tube of lipstick and conjunctivitis (pinkeye) from contaminated eye pencils, eye shadows or mascara! While it is not exactly a pandemic, it is still amazing to see how many people just don’t care!

Our Contributing Writer Pro is also a freelance artist for Smashbox Cosmetics and she occasionally helps out at the department store counters across Southern California.

She is always stunned and (honestly) sometimes grossed out when a customer grabs that lipstick and just slathers it all over their lips without even the slightest hesitation or consideration to use a disposable applicator.

Our Pro is always trying to disinfect testers because she does not want anyone to have an unwarranted breakout or spread bacteria and germs in the name of the new Summer Lip Gloss Collection!

Even if you are cautious and don’t sample colors from a tester directly on your skin think about the products you currently have in your personal makeup bag. How old are they? How often do you clean your makeup applicators or brushes? How often do you read the expiration dates on the cosmetic labels?

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from acne maybe you pay close attention, but if you just have the normal t-zone shine and your skin is pretty even then I bet you don’t really think much about the sterilization of your makeup, especially your powder product.

As a Pro artist one regulation I must adhere to is to make sure that the product I use daily on many clients doesn’t become tainted with germs and cause someone to suffer medically. Not to mention embarrassing, but that incident could put me at risk financially.

So…how do I make sure the product in my kit doesn’t spread infection? Listen up ladies! The solution is available! It’s called BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer.

This product debuted at the IMATS show in June and we were lucky enough to get our massively sanitized little hands on a sample. Just one spritz and it “effectively cleans, rejuvenates and removes bacteria from all cosmetics without altering your makeup.” It can be used on all products and all brands; lipstick, blushes, eye shadow, foundation, and even mascaras wands!

This makeup Pro went “nuts” over this and immediately purchased massive amounts of the entire line! This product is totally amazing and will safely remove bacteria from the makeup without drying out the product.

Think about how much money you spend on your cosmetics. They are an investment in “you” just like your skincare, hair products and clothing. When your house, car or clothing gets dirty you clean them, right? Well, clean your beauty products too!

Now here is another thought…

BeautySoClean’s Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist comes in a handy purse-sized spritz bottle and also a larger bottle for home use. It dries very quickly and is ideal for the makeup junkie who wants to try before they buy. Because it won’t harm the cosmetics, you can spray the testers at your local counter and apply with confidence!

It is also a great tool to have when getting all dolled up with your girlfriends for that special night out, use before sharing mascaras and lip liners, give them a quick spritz to sanitize instantly. Make sure that your teenage daughters have a few of BeautySoClean Sanitizers in their personal makeup bags and purses when they go to the local mall to check out the latest cosmetic collections!

When this makeup Pro is working on a dozen models at the same time you can imagine how crazy hectic it is to not only have to sanitize brushes between clients, but also cosmetics. I end up carrying several duplicate brushes, eye shadow and blush colors and always winced when another artist would ask if they could “borrow” something from my kit.

Film and TV makeup artists are raving about BeautySoClean because it is now so easy to prevent cross-contamination and keep the products lasting longer. It has “wowed” Oscar award winners Ve Neill (Pirates of the Caribbean) , Greg Cannom (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Michael Westmore (Mask) who use it in their kits. In fact, Mr. Cannom said, “it’s the best sanitizing product (he has) ever used.”

Here is a list of BeautySoClean products:

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist – is ideal for powder-based products (eye shadows, blushes, pressed powders) and cream-based products (foundation, concealers, lip glosses in pots).

Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes (48 wipes) – these wipes are ideal for lipsticks, lip glosses, pencils and mascara wands. Packaged individually for travel.

Conditioning Brush Cleaner – formulated with natural ingredients, which quickly dissolve makeup and residue form brushes ensuring a longer “life” to your brush investment. Can be used on both natural and synthetic makeup brushes.

Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes jar (60 pads) – these disposable wipes are easy and convenient to use. Good for your bathroom or makeup application area.

The entire BeautySoClean product line cleans, refreshes and removes bacteria from makeup 100% effectively in 10 seconds. This is a smart and easy way to insure that your products are sanitary and that bacteria won’t breed on your makeup!

To order BeautySoClean online go to


Spraying 70% isopropyl alcohol directly onto powdered cosmetic will eventually cause the product to dry out and need to be replaced with a fresh product. Using the BeautySoClean Sanitizer will cure those makeup pains and relieves from the stresses of de-funking” cosmetic products after use!


Up next on IMPO: Body Electric! IMPO brings you the latest and greatest info on cosmetics to use from the neck up, but how about beauty products for the neck down? Okay! Our next post will contain some amazing products that will have your skin and body looking hot!

Get the Look - Rocker Chick!

“Rock and Roll is one of these jobs where you sort of live in this strange world of not really ever growing up but having to grow up at the same time!” – Joan Jett, Elle Magazine 2009.

You don’t have to love the sound of guitar-thrashing music to look like someone who does! Rock n roll babes give off a sexy, rebellious scent along with an “I don’t care what people think of me” vibe!

This makeup Pro is a lover of the classy yet hard-core rock chicks like Joan Jett, Ann and Nancy Wilson or Suzi Quatro and I adore the characters actresses like Jennifer Aniston (Rock Star) and Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) have portrayed on the big screen! And who doesn’t love the sultry look of Kate Moss strutting her stuff on the catwalk?

Those women could pick up a guitar and microphone and have us rocking out instantly or make us jealous of their abilities to charm the bad boy musician we so desperately wanted in our beds!

These ladies are the muses of song lyrics and the inspirations of designers. They give off the impression of total confidence, with a hint of “I could kick your ass without even smearing my eyeliner” charm!

You move out of their way when they strut down the street and you watch in amazement as a crowded dance floor parts like the Red Sea to make room for a rock goddess who wants to shake her groove thing!

They intimidate, frighten and bully. They are self-assured, bold and poised. They smell of sex, drugs and rock n roll and we want to be them, we want to live their lifestyles, but only for a few hours!

To go with your traditional rock star wardrobe consisting of a studded jacket, leather pants, ripped t-shirt, boots and to match your seductive tousled hairstyle, you must have a certain makeup look to complete your transformation.

The smoky eye is always a good choice and works well day or night. It is almost expected that a gorgeous, dangerous, bad-ass girl would be rocking the dark shadow and black eyeliner.

If you admire a certain femme fatale and want to reproduce her style, there are cosmetic products that can give you a fresh-faced Penny Lane appearance or an “I just-rolled-out-of-bed-with-some-drummer” look! Either way, everyone will know that “you’re with the band!”

When this Pro wants to put her best rock star face forward, I reach for the following:

Dior - DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation - gives the look of flawless skin with a subtle glow and leaves you with an airbrushed effect. Completely evens out the skin tone and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Apply by spraying onto a sponge and blend. Rocker chicks are totally ageless; this product will keep people guessing how old you really are!

Eve Pearl - Pressed Powder - is a sheer powder that eliminates shine and adds highlights while removing discolorations and redness from the skin. Apply with a powder puff using a blotting motion or with a large, fluffy brush. This powder is perfect for travel and is in a very slim compact that will tuck into the pocket of your skinny jeans or snake-skin clutch!

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty – The Precision Brow Pencil - is made of the thinnest point on the market, which allows you to draw individual lash hairs precisely to create a natural look. Gorgeous brows shape the eyes and give them a lift making the face appear younger and fresher. All rocker chicks know how to speak with their eyes and having amazing eyebrows send many messages without uttering a word!

Kat Von D – True Romance Eyeshadow Palettes - in Ludwig, Beethoven and Metal Orchestra are packed with tons of colors that will embrace any mood from pin-up perfection or rocker chic! Embrace your inner bad girl and boost your confidence 100%! Use various sizes of eye shadow brushes for application.

Eve Pearl – Black Pearl Smudgeproof Liquid Eyeliner – this is a very black color that applies easily, dries quickly, but allows you plenty of time to smoke it out! It will let you forget about checking on your makeup every 20 minutes and keep your sights on what is really important…catching the eye of that lead singer! Warning: your new rocker boyfriend may steal this from your makeup bag!

Dior - DiorShow Mascara - just like our rock n roll legends, this mascara is truly iconic! With a cult following as big as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, you will be doing the “Time Warp” again and again while your ultra-glam, runway-length lashes flirt throughout the night! Curl lashes prior to application if necessary.

Orlane Paris – Bronzing Pressed Powder – every rock n roll beauty loves to indulge in luxury and they also sport killer cheekbones! To achieve both those goals, reach for this silky powder that will instantly sculpt your face and brighten your skin all year around! Apply with fan brush for sculpting or large powder brush for overall dusting.

Nars – Blush – add a sheer wash of highlight and color onto the cheeks using shades like Orgasm, Deep Throat or Luster. These colors will add a super sexy flush to your cheeks that will give off the effect of basking in the afterglow of a backstage “quickie!” Apply with fan brush for light application or traditional blush brush for more color.

Dior - Crème de Gloss - is the ultimate creamy lipstick in a gloss! Deeply moisturizing, this gloss is lush, sensuous and gives rich color with a sexy shine. A true rock goddess would love shades like Red Venetian Satin 851, Sweet Praline 341 or Beige Elixir 611.

Now that you have collected your cosmetic arsenal, here are the how-to’s:

Fresh-Face - “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes. There beneath the blue suburban skies.” Remember Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane muse from the movie Almost Famous? Her character’s makeup was created by artist Lois Burwell, who wanted to keep Kate angelic, but play up her eyes and smile.

Like a “blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band, pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man…” This Pro would recreate Kate’s character by:

1. Start out with applying the DiorSkin AirFlash to create flawless skin.

2. Setting with Eve Pearl’s Pressed Powder.

3. Fill in brows with Kevyn Aucoin pencil.

4. Lightly apply Orlane’s Bronzer along the cheekbone, jaw line and add a very light sweep of Nars blush in Luster to the apples of the cheeks.

5. Using the Kat Von D Palette in Ludwig, keep the eye shadow natural by using Tequila on lid, Downtown to define crease and Clay to highlight brow bone. Use Downtown to line lower lash line.

6. Line very close to the upper lash line with Eve Pearl’s Black Pearl liner applied lightly. Blend softly into lash line.

7. Two coats of DiorShow Mascara to top lashes only.

8. Light application of Dior Crème de Gloss in Sweet Praline 341.

Voila! A tiny dancer is in my hand…

Retro 80’s“I love rock n roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby, I love rock n roll so come and take your time and dance with me!” Joan Jett is an American rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and actress. Gorgeous and hard-edged, she is a rock n roll legend.

“A girl can do what she wants to do and that’s what I’m gonna do!” To recreate Joan’s Bad Reputation image circa 1982 start with:

1. Follow Steps 1, 2 and 3 from above.

2. Apply Orlane Bronzer starting near the ear area and sweep downward under cheekbone, stopping two-finger widths from the nose. You can be slightly heavy handed with the bronzer. Sweep Nars Deep Throat from the temples downward along cheek and blend in with bronzer. Leave apples of cheeks nude.

3. Using Kat Von D Palette in Beethoven, create a deep, rich blend of shadows by using Sinner on lid, Rad Purple in crease and Galeano on brow bone. Use Rad Purple to line lower lash line. Blend.

4. Apply Eve Pearl’s Black Pearl liner starting in the middle of the upper lash line and create a thin line that gets thicker toward the outer corner of the eye. Keep the line very thin toward the inner corner. Create a cat-eye effect by sweeping liner up slightly at outer corner. Blend.

5. Three coats of DiorShow Mascara and apply one coat to bottom lashes.

6. Dior Crème de Gloss in Red Venetian Satin 851 and apply a neutral color lip pencil like Julie Hewett’s Omit before using the gloss to prevent bleeding.

You might as well face it, your addicted to love and the 80’s!

Modern Glam - Kate Moss is the ultimate supermodel and she has been engaged to some very famous musicians and actors; Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty! She has also been the face of Calvin Klein, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Chanel, Dior and Rimmel. She has graced the covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair and W and as notorious as her high-profile relationships, is her party lifestyle!

To recreate Kate’s bad-girl, skinny jean, thigh-high boot wearing look begin with:

1. Follow Steps 1, 2 and 3 from above.

2. Lightly apply Orlane Bronzer starting near the ear area and sweeping downward under the cheekbone, stopping two-finger widths from the nose. Dust Nars Orgasm lightly on the apples of the cheeks. Blend.

3. Using Kat Von D Palette in Metal Orchestra, blend Dagger onto the lid area, add Glock and Thrasher on top of Dagger and blend. Take Lucifer and Razor Gray and blend into the crease and outer corner. Apply First Class to brow bone and blend. Use Lucifer along lower lash line and smudge.

4. Apply Eve Pearl’s Black Pearl in a thick line along upper lash line and smudge.

5. Three coats of DiorShow Mascara and one coat to bottom lashes.

6. Dior Crème de Gloss in Beige Elixir 611, the ultimate nude lip color!

As RuPaul would say…"you better work (cover girl) work it girl (give a twirl) do your thing on the “runway!”

No matter which type of rock chick you choose to be: remember to be creative with your makeup, which will bring an air of instant mystery and edgy-glam to your world!


Change up the mood by breaking away from the normal charcoal hues of the traditional smoky eye and go for something a little more colorful like purples, greens, blues or earth tones, but the colors must be deep. Bright eye shadow tends to give off a very neon vibe, which is more in line with your punk rock days, then the bang-your-head persona!


Up next on IMPO: Keeping it clean! We've discovered how to keep your powdered products fresh and clean even if you use them every day! Don't miss our next post featuring information on how to prolong the life of your cosmetic investments!