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As a Pro MUA there is nothing more disgusting than a crusty, old, smelly cosmetic! It churns my stomach and frustrates me when I see people whip out their nasty powder compact, pick up the filthy puff and dust their face with it to reduce shine! Gag me with a spoon people!

I have worked so long in the makeup industry that simply smelling old mascara or lipstick makes me sick! You know what I am talking about: that…odor! How anyone can get a whiff of that mildew stank and still apply that cosmetic onto their face is beyond me!

Have you ever passed your favorite makeup counter and a new blush or lipstick color catches your eye? Before you reach for that tester, you might want to think twice about who used it before you, and more importantly, how they applied it.

Did you know that those unsanitary testers could contain staph bacteria like the kind found on doorknobs, a variety of different germs, E. Coli and fecal bacteria transmitted by unwashed hands?

You can pick up herpes from a tube of lipstick and conjunctivitis (pinkeye) from contaminated eye pencils, eye shadows or mascara! While it is not exactly a pandemic, it is still amazing to see how many people just don’t care!

Our Contributing Writer Pro is also a freelance artist for Smashbox Cosmetics and she occasionally helps out at the department store counters across Southern California.

She is always stunned and (honestly) sometimes grossed out when a customer grabs that lipstick and just slathers it all over their lips without even the slightest hesitation or consideration to use a disposable applicator.

Our Pro is always trying to disinfect testers because she does not want anyone to have an unwarranted breakout or spread bacteria and germs in the name of the new Summer Lip Gloss Collection!

Even if you are cautious and don’t sample colors from a tester directly on your skin think about the products you currently have in your personal makeup bag. How old are they? How often do you clean your makeup applicators or brushes? How often do you read the expiration dates on the cosmetic labels?

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from acne maybe you pay close attention, but if you just have the normal t-zone shine and your skin is pretty even then I bet you don’t really think much about the sterilization of your makeup, especially your powder product.

As a Pro artist one regulation I must adhere to is to make sure that the product I use daily on many clients doesn’t become tainted with germs and cause someone to suffer medically. Not to mention embarrassing, but that incident could put me at risk financially.

So…how do I make sure the product in my kit doesn’t spread infection? Listen up ladies! The solution is available! It’s called BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer.

This product debuted at the IMATS show in June and we were lucky enough to get our massively sanitized little hands on a sample. Just one spritz and it “effectively cleans, rejuvenates and removes bacteria from all cosmetics without altering your makeup.” It can be used on all products and all brands; lipstick, blushes, eye shadow, foundation, and even mascaras wands!

This makeup Pro went “nuts” over this and immediately purchased massive amounts of the entire line! This product is totally amazing and will safely remove bacteria from the makeup without drying out the product.

Think about how much money you spend on your cosmetics. They are an investment in “you” just like your skincare, hair products and clothing. When your house, car or clothing gets dirty you clean them, right? Well, clean your beauty products too!

Now here is another thought…

BeautySoClean’s Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist comes in a handy purse-sized spritz bottle and also a larger bottle for home use. It dries very quickly and is ideal for the makeup junkie who wants to try before they buy. Because it won’t harm the cosmetics, you can spray the testers at your local counter and apply with confidence!

It is also a great tool to have when getting all dolled up with your girlfriends for that special night out, use before sharing mascaras and lip liners, give them a quick spritz to sanitize instantly. Make sure that your teenage daughters have a few of BeautySoClean Sanitizers in their personal makeup bags and purses when they go to the local mall to check out the latest cosmetic collections!

When this makeup Pro is working on a dozen models at the same time you can imagine how crazy hectic it is to not only have to sanitize brushes between clients, but also cosmetics. I end up carrying several duplicate brushes, eye shadow and blush colors and always winced when another artist would ask if they could “borrow” something from my kit.

Film and TV makeup artists are raving about BeautySoClean because it is now so easy to prevent cross-contamination and keep the products lasting longer. It has “wowed” Oscar award winners Ve Neill (Pirates of the Caribbean) , Greg Cannom (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Michael Westmore (Mask) who use it in their kits. In fact, Mr. Cannom said, “it’s the best sanitizing product (he has) ever used.”

Here is a list of BeautySoClean products:

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist – is ideal for powder-based products (eye shadows, blushes, pressed powders) and cream-based products (foundation, concealers, lip glosses in pots).

Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes (48 wipes) – these wipes are ideal for lipsticks, lip glosses, pencils and mascara wands. Packaged individually for travel.

Conditioning Brush Cleaner – formulated with natural ingredients, which quickly dissolve makeup and residue form brushes ensuring a longer “life” to your brush investment. Can be used on both natural and synthetic makeup brushes.

Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes jar (60 pads) – these disposable wipes are easy and convenient to use. Good for your bathroom or makeup application area.

The entire BeautySoClean product line cleans, refreshes and removes bacteria from makeup 100% effectively in 10 seconds. This is a smart and easy way to insure that your products are sanitary and that bacteria won’t breed on your makeup!

To order BeautySoClean online go to


Spraying 70% isopropyl alcohol directly onto powdered cosmetic will eventually cause the product to dry out and need to be replaced with a fresh product. Using the BeautySoClean Sanitizer will cure those makeup pains and relieves from the stresses of de-funking” cosmetic products after use!


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