A Sound Investment!

The Pros have a confession to make…we love to spa! Mani/Pedi, Facials, Massages and Treatments are part of our genetic makeup and the more potions and concoctions we can rub on our skin, the better.

It is so important to take care of your body’s largest organ: lots of water, sunscreen every day, and thorough cleansing. And, like our makeup Pro has always stressed, without good skin care, cosmetics can only do so much for you! We like to recommend facials every two to four weeks, but we realize that facials are a luxury treatment and many people (including us) can’t always afford them as often as we would like to.

On a recent visit to one of our favorite spas, the marketing Pro was treated to a wonderful 75 minute facial which included the Clarisonic®, an award-winning sonic skin cleansing system. For those of you who haven’t heard of the Clarisonic (um, do you live in a cave?), here is some background information on one of the latest cleansing tools for both face and body.

Clarisonic was developed by the same creators of the Sonicare® toothbrush. The waterproof, handheld unit has a soft, gentle brush which oscillates back and forth more than 300 times per second.

Clarisonic is proven to remove 6 times more makeup and 2 times more dirt and oil than manual cleansing. Cleansing this well allows the skin to better absorb skin care products, thus using less and seeing greater results from all those age-defying, youth-enhancing, line-eliminating potions we buy by the gallon.

Dermatologists, Spas and Aestheticians are making the Clarisonic part of their treatments and highly recommend the purchase of a home unit for both face care and now, body care. It effectively cleans without abrasion or harsh chemicals and is gentle for all skin types. Various brush heads are available.

So…. back to my facial:

As quiet Asian-inspired music played, flames from the aromatherapy candles burned and fountains trickled delicately, I relaxed on the luxurious facial table. My aesthetician, Sharone, asked me about my skin type and sensitivity to aromatics and plants and I grimaced to think that my brows probably needed a “tune-up” and “how many extractions is she going to do?”

Sharone gave me the Purifying and Cleansing Facial. This was the recommendation from the spa director, whom I met at a gala. At the event, we began talking the “biz”, beauty that is and she asked if I had the opportunity to use the Clarisonic yet. Since I had not, she immediately handed me her card and said “call me!” Barbara Echols is extremely proud of her staff and service at Avia Spa in Santa Barbara. And I couldn’t agree more!! www.aviaspa.com

This particular facial was 75 minutes and included the following products, as well as a Clarisonic treatment to both my face and décolleté. Sharone is particularly fond of Sundari skincare. Sundari embodies the principles of Ayurveda by containing the purest botanicals and advocating a methodology that seeks to establish ones holistic balance. Sundari focuses on the three skin types, and the products are formulated to address each specific type: Vata is for dry skin, Kapha is for oily skin, and Pitta is for combination skin. www.sundari.com

Products used in my facial were:

Cleanser: Gentle Gel, Neem & Burdock

Exfoliant: Honey Enzyme

Toner: Neem & Aloe Vera

Mask: Neem & Green Tea

Serum/Booster: Essential oil for Normal/Combination

Moisturizer: Neem & Avocado

Eye Cream: Neem & Chamomile Eye Oil

Lip Balm: Omega3 & Mandarine

Body Moisturizer: Gotu Kola & Lotus

My skin felt revitalized and smooth. My sensitive skin left Avia feeling refreshed. I am very pleased with the Sundari line and have started to use the Chamomile Eye Oil regularly. As for the Clarisonic: well, let's just say I couldn't have whipped out my credit card fast enough! The Clarisonic Plus Kit includes:

Cordless Clarisonic PLUS

Universal Charging Cradle (100v-240v AC; 50/60 Hz)

Sensitive Brush Head

Spot Therapy Brush Head

1 oz. trial sizes of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser and Nourishing Care Cleanser

2 oz. trial size Refining Skin Polish

The Plus Kit runs a little over $200 depending on where you purchase (it is available at many retailers, including QVC and Clarisonic’s own website.) This is a great tool for home use and in these times of tightening our budgets, IMPO Pros think the Clarisonic is a sound investment!

We also highly recommend this product for teens; this patented technology gently removes stubborn dirt and oil on a teens’ skin and is convenient to use. One charge will last 30 uses. The unit is waterproof and may be stored and used in the shower. The handheld unit also guides the user with a beep to indicate movement to the next quadrant of the face.

I guess you could say IMPO is in love...again!


Let's do a little math shall we...

Jane gets a facial twice a month (cause the Pro said so and she doesn't tell Dick) which costs her anywhere from $75 to $200 per month. Jane recently lost her job. Now, boys and girls how much does Jane spend a year on treatment? IMPO by no means thinks that using a Clarisonic will replace the luxury and self-indulgence of an aesthetician’s touch. However, perhaps you (and Jane) can’t go as often as you used to for whatever reason (be it job loss or grumpy husband who has found your credit card statement) so at least your skin won’t suffer the consequences of the credit crunch!


Up next on IMPO: Are you...special? Of course you are because you read IMPO! Our Pros tell you all about speciality products that are fun, fabulous and fantastic! What exactly is a speciality product? Guess you will have to tune in next time to find out...(insert dramatic music here)!

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