The Makeup Show - Los Angeles is a gathering of Who's Who in the professional cosmetic and makeup artist industry! The Show is presented by The Powder Group and sponsored by Make Up For Ever, Temptu, Alcone and Crown Brush. There were dozens of cosmetic brands, educators, professional artists, and other businesses related to the cosmetic industry in attendance, not to forget the hundreds of students and consumers that walked the floor as well!

In My Professional Opinion was deep in the thick of this show and wanted to bring you a few highlights of our experience. We networked and attended workshops and lectures by iconic beauty industry professionals: Ronnie Spector, Ve Neill, Eve Pearl, Billy B., Elke Von Freudenberg and Sharon Gault and tested dozens of products, which we will showcase in later posts. Also in attendance were legendary industry names like, Marvin Westmore, Joe Blasco, Maurice Stein and Dean and Davis Factor, as well as many professional makeup artistry schools such as MUD, Blasco Makeup School, All About Face Academy and the Westmore Academy.

MUA-TV launched their website, which is the exclusive, most elite live streaming webcast for professional makeup artists, hair stylists, skin care specialists, special makeup effects artists, makeup students, cosmetology students and cosmetic retailers. Also in conjunction with MUA-TV is, which is offering online professional makeup seminars!

Please enjoy the photos below and send the Pro an email for more information about vendors from this event.


  1. Hey! That's me in there with you and Elke! I feel so honored - and that's not a joke! It was great to meet you as well :)

  2. Hi Robyn! That is you with the very famous Elke (and me!!). What a great time we had and it was an honor meeting you!

  3. OMG it was nice seeing you! I was actually sitting behind you in the Eve Pearl seminar but thank you again for coming out to the blogger forum panel and I am glad I was able to answer the "trial period for testing products" question! LOL.

    I hope to see you at more makeup shows, are you going to IMATS in June?

  4. Hi Vanessa! You were fantastic and I really appreciated all your information! I am going to the IMATS - that is where all my friends hang out!! Let's make sure we see each other then - and I will link your blog to mine!

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Great pictures! I wish I could've been there -- it looks like it was so much fun. :)

    I hope you are doing well. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  6. Hi Karen! It was a great show and you must attend the next one! Maybe IMATS in June? Happy St. Patty's Day to you too - now go chase those rainbows!