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What do Tyra Banks, Debra Messing, Teri Hatcher, Paula Abdul, Haylie Duff, Tori Spelling, Kristen Bell, Rebecca Gayheart and Virgina Madsen have in common? They are lovers of the luxurious bath and beauty brand Jaqua!

Jaqua products stimulate your 5 senses in such a way that your brain isn’t sure if it is eating dessert or being pampered at an extravagant spa! To quote The Daily Obsession, “Jaqua’s Raspberry Buttercream Frosting collection is a sinfully sweet and delicious treat for your body, but without the calories!” Yummy!

Recently, In My Professional Opinion was showered with a goodie bag jammed packed full of the most incredible body, bath and beauty products we have ever had the pleasure of testing and we were given strict advice by the Jaqua team to remember that, “Jaqua products smell good enough to eat, but please don’t!”

Jennifer Jaqua, President and Founder of the brand that bears her name, grew up in with her sisters in Santa Barbara, California. The Jaqua sisters have always had a passion for beauty products, but realized there was a gap in the industry for high quality and reasonably priced indulgent products. The sisters decided to start their own line and bring highly-effective bath and beauty products to consumers that were so visually appealing everyone would want to see, touch, smell, apply and own their incredible potions! Jennifer Jaqua says, “our products are beautiful inside and out: that’s the magic of Jaqua!”

In My Professional Opinion was more than thankful to the Jaqua team for their generosity and here is a list of our must haves:

Lip Glosses: these amazing glosses are so high quality that your lips will automatically embrace this product at the first application. Pink Champagne Glimmer Gloss, Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Lip Whip, Cocoa Buttercream Lip Whip and Peach Parfait are our favorites! Hydrating formula with vitamin E and beeswax with great “stay put” power! $14.00.

Body Butter: we absolutely fell in love with Jaqua’s packaging and the body butter product comes in cute pink/brown boxes with a ribbon bow on top, which we immediately thought would make great gifts for our girlfriends! When we discovered that Christina Aguilera requested this product and that it was featured in the May 2007 issue of Pregnancy Magazine, we knew that this had to be one incredible crème! Our favorite is the Buttercream Frosting and it reminded us of indulging in a cupcake from the Magnolia Bakery a la Carrie Bradshaw! This product is ultra-hydrating and infused with Shea Butter, which will absorb into your skin and make you feel baby soft. Melissa Rivers says, “Buttercream will be a staple in my bathroom!" $22.00.

Lotion: your hands (and feet) will thank you when you treat them to this moisturizing crème formulated with meadowfoam seed oil, grape seed extract and vitamins A and E! This product saved our winter cracked and painful hands this season and made them soft and healthy all day long! We love Pink Champagne, Pink Buttercream and Raspberry Buttercream! The tube is purse size and easy to take when you travel. Get one for your cosmetic bag, desk drawer and car! $8.00 in tube/$14.00 in bottle.

Shea Body Butter: your skin will celebrate this product, which combines shea-based body butter with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and extracts of ginger root and pineapple! We slather on this butter right after shaving our legs and our skin drinks in every ounce of this amazing creme! $22.00.

Lip Gloss Ring: the Jaqua sisters know how to spoil the girl inside all women by developing one of the cutest products this Pro has ever seen…these lip gloss rings come in Peach Parfait, Mint Chocolate, Pink Champagne, Buttercream Frosting and Pina Colada. Incredibly flattering shimmer that compliments any outfit and gives you “sweet glamour” at your fingertips! Emily Proctor of Jaqua Beauty says, “I never leave home without my Lip Gloss Ring and can travel through security and customs without having my lip gloss confiscated!” So cute for party favors and perfect for Sweet 16 or Bat Mitzvah goodie bags! $8.00.

If you are in the Santa Barbara, California area make sure to pop in on the ladies of Jaqua or call ahead to book a Spa Party! They have one for every occasion and in every flavor – Girls Night In, Guiltless Birthday Hand and Foot Treatment, Mother Daughter Peaches and Buttercream Treatment, Tween Queen Delectable Buttercream Frosting Treatment and Baby Shower Bellini Hand and Foot Treatment. Jaqua even has a Hostess Program to really get the party started!

Visit to purchase products! Your 5 senses will thank you for it!

Line your lips with a neutral lip pencil that is close to the same color as your natural lip, fill in lips with pencil and smooth with lip brush, then apply Jaqua Lip Gloss in Cocoa Buttercream and add Pink Champagne just in the center of your bottom lip. Your lips will look kissable all day and all nightlong!

Up next on In My Professional Opinion: “The Balm” – lip balm that is – everything you need to know about lip balms, from high-end to on the cheap!

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