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In My Professional Opinion twisted the arm of our friend and fellow makeup artist extraordinaire, Jose Teneza, until he agreed to guest blog! See, Jose is one of the most knowledgeable artists this Pro knows and he works at...well, we can't tell you, but it is a very large, cosmetic retailer and we knew that he would have the inside "scoop" on natural moisturizers. Check out his review...

Go Naked!! All right…not exactly what you’re thinking but it seems everywhere I turn skincare and cosmetic lines are trying to go “natural!" “Minerals” this, “No Parabens” that, 87% Natural…am I supposed to be comforted by that stat? WHAT’S IN THE OTHER PERCENTAGE?

Working in the skincare and cosmetic field you notice trends - essentially what has been happening is that our skin is becoming more sensitive to ingredients either from allergies or accumulated usage.

Skincare companies have perked their green-colored ears up to this demand, and so it begins…the hunt is on for natural skincare alternatives without controversial ingredients, which can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Is “natural” better? Well, there is definitely something to be said about making sure that your skin will benefit in the long run as opposed to suffering from an accumulation of synthetic binders, sulfates and chemicals that could lead to a reaction.

We are also hearing a lot about peptides, but what exactly are peptides? Peptides are links of amino acids that are essentially natural to our skin. In theory, they are like invisible messengers that send a signal to the lower layers of the skin to create more collagen! Collagen is the structure underneath our skin and as we age, it breaks down producing lines and wrinkles.

Here are two “natural” moisturizer alternatives that have produced results.

Bieux Skin 24 Hour Moisturizer: claims to provide intense hydration and deliver collagen-rebuilding ingredients that immediately firms and soothes skin while preventing lines and wrinkles. What makes Bieux Skin 24 Hour Moisturizer amazing? It’s what is not in it that’s great: No parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, and petro-chemicals. It also has an exclusive peptide complex to smooth and build collagen under the skin (all the better for anti-aging, my friends!).

TECH TIME: For all you tekkie’s out there (that is, those who tend to be obsessed with ingredient lists like I am), here is the run down on all the super high-tech ingredients in the Bieux Skin 24 Hour Moisturizer: Saccaride Isomerate (which helps the skin to retain moisture and intensely hydrates) Hematite Extract (which purports to firm the skin and build collagen), Alpha Arbutin (to even out skin tone and hyperpigmentation gently), and Trylagen complex (a blend of active peptides and proteins that protect and boost the skin’s collagen).

I’ve been test-driving this moisturizer for several weeks now: I have oily skin that gets hideously dry in winter and try as I might, even in humid weather, I have dry patches on my forehead and jawline (I use a 1.0% Retinol treatment every other night and have eczema). Just applying this once a day, I felt an absolute difference on my skin – my skin felt perfectly moisturized with little to no dryness/flakiness or tightness. Layering this under sunscreen did not produce any breakouts, which I found astounding given the thickness of the cream and its ability to really hydrate. My skin looked even and plumped up, minimizing my fine lines and wrinkles.

Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer: excludes controversial ingredients like parabens, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and dyes and Phthalates. It also is totally free of GMO’s, triclosan and does not test on animals (call PETA!). Just like the Biuex Skin moisturizer, it has a patented delivery system to hydrate the skin inside and out! Curiously this is not an oil free moisturizer – it has natural oils, which moisturize and absorb into the skin without causing irritation and sensitivity.

TECH TIME: In addition to natural moisturizing oils, bitter orange and licorice extract to tone and brighten, the new Purely Nourishing Moisturizer has an electrolytic delivery system to hydrate with the star ingredients being trelahose and myrothamnus flabellifolia extract (from an African tree – a “resurrection“ plant). Allegedly these ingredients are antioxidant rich and form a protective layer around cells so that they replump and reform when they are sufficiently hydrated, even after being dehydrated . There is also honeysuckle flower extract and soy, which helps to boost moisturization within the skin for better hydration and moisture retention. Company press says it is “clinically proven to optimize your skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture for plumper, firmer, brighter and healthier-looking skin."

I confess, I was skeptical when this first premiered however, I tried it out and promptly started selling it to EVERYONE! It is a PERFECT companion if you use a powder cosmetic or mineral makeup. But more so, I have found that this absorbs quickly and hydrates beautifully without being greasy or slick. It is also whisper light! I was a little cautious because it has natural oils and minerals in it, but so far the client feedback has been amazing! It is a highly recommended product worth every penny!

And like a certain tax preparer, I too have people! I gave this moisturizer to a friend of mine who frankly doesn’t pay attention to her skin, but knows enough to know that most moisturizers feel heavy to her and leave her feeling oily and shiny. She also complained that most of the over-the-counter moisturizers broke her out. I believe she has been using Purely Nourishing for several weeks – she noticed that her skin feels smooth and hydrated, and she found that unlike other moisturizers, she is less oily later in the day than with other lotions she has tried. I myself have noticed that her skin is brighter, dewier and clearer!

NOTE: The writer, while having 7 years of retail experience in the makeup and skincare industry and as a working makeup artist, is NOT a doctor, and this review should not be taken as or in lieu of actual physician endorsed advice and/or medical advice. If you have a persistent skin condition, seek the advice of a licensed and practicing physician as opposed to self treating with over the counter products.


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  1. I am intrigued by your experience with Bieux Skin 24 hour moisturizer! Years and years ago I tried to go all natural but found that the performance of green products were hugely disappointing. I think they've come a long way and I'm ready to try again. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Rebecca! Skincare is such a personal choice and there can be so many factors when choosing the proper elements for your skin. You have to take into consideration your environment, medication, hydration, diet, genetics and it can be very overwhelming. That is why I asked Jose to write this post. I don't use a natural moisturizer, but I know many of my celebrity and non-celebrity clients have asked my opinion. I always turn to Jose because I know he has tested many of the brands I get asked about. Glad this information has helped!

  3. Hi Veronica! I know I am going to regret asking this...but what is MBC? I have a feeling I am going to feel stupid in a few minutes!

  4. Sorry Veronica! I knew I was going to feel stupid! I just googled and it is the Mom Blogger's Club!!! I just joined last night! Thanks so much and now I know you all go by MBC!!!

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and learn from your blog every day!

    Sara Kuzecki

  6. Thanks so much Sara! It makes me very happy to hear that I am sending out good, quality info into the world and it is being appreciated.