Mineral Maven!

In the television, film and theatre industry, lighting plays a key role in how makeup translates on the big or little screen and live from the stage. Pro makeup artists use a ton of different foundations, contours, highlights and pigments on the skin in order to project color through the camera lens because the intensity of the lighting can make everyday makeup disappear.

Not a week goes by that I don’t get a request from an actress or actor in a pre-production meeting asking me to use mineral cosmetics and my reply is the same every time, “I have researched several mineral brands and have not found a product line that has enough pigment to read on camera correctly!” But, I kept on researching and finally I have found a mineral cosmetic that has great pigmentation and coverage.

Purely Cosmetics is the best mineral line I have ever used and I was not a believer in any form of mineral cosmetics before I started using this product. Robyn Bloom is the beauty and the brain behind this brand, which she started 10 years ago after she lost her “day” job due to back issues.

Her girlfriend had sent her a Bare Minerals Kit for Christmas and Robyn loved the way the mineral products applied quickly and easily and how it felt as if you didn’t have any makeup on your skin. However, what she didn’t like was the fact that most of the eye shadows and cheek colors had so much glitter in them, that they actually accentuated the “bags” under her eyes instead of hiding them!

She decided to research what it would take to start her own line and because her background was in science, she found websites where she could buy raw materials in small quantities and started playing around with the ingredients.

She discovered that there were several harmful elements in most of the mineral cosmetic lines available to the consumer. Robyn was able to remove those harsh components from her line and fill a void for the more mature woman by removing the major sparkle and providing matte or slight shimmer colors.

Let’s get educated on harmful ingredients, shall we…

Bismuth Oxychloride is a major ingredient in most mineral products and it is a skin irritant for many, so Robyn formulated a her product line to be free from this mineral. Also, Purely Cosmetics do not contain talc, cornstarch or preservatives and there are no micronized ingredients, which are easily inhaled and can be troublesome for asthmatics or individuals suffering from respiratory problems.

WebMD says, “Bismuth is a byproduct of lead and copper processing, even though it is a mineral, it’s not found in the earth.” Basically, if you wear a mineral makeup, I would run and check the ingredients list of your current product and toss it in the garbage if it contains Bismuth!

This product line is ideal for sensitive skin or those with acne, rosacea or eczema and the zinc oxides and titanium oxides in the product act as natural sunscreen without clogging pores. It will give the skin a natural looking luminosity and provides even coverage with a lightweight feel.

In fact, if you log on to the Purely Cosmetics’ website you will find that this line was compared in terms of ingredients, size, price and cost per gram of product against many other popular mineral lines, including Bare Escentuals, GLO Minerals, Sheer Cover, Youngblood, Arbonne and Pur Minerals to name just a few. Check out how Purely Cosmetics “stacked” up to those considered the “best” by clicking here!

Robyn was kind enough to send this Pro a bunch of products to experiment with under television lighting during a recent HD shoot and I was incredibly surprised by the pigmentation and coverage provided by the foundation, eye shadow and blush colors.

Here is the beauty breakdown:

I started by prepping my actress’ skin with eye cream and moisturizer, letting it absorb into the skin while the hairstylist worked on her hair.

Upon her return to my makeup chair, I applied Purely Cosmetics’ Silk & Pearl Powder Primer to the entire face and began mixing together two Foundation colors; Calif Blonde (light) and Neutral Light. I did break out my Eve Pearl Concealer Trio prior and covered a few deep scars and very dark circles that would “read” on HD harshly.

Next, I applied Dior Bronzer in Honey Matte as a contour (not because I didn’t like Purely Cosmetics’ Bronzer, but only because Robyn didn’t send me a sample – hint, hint if you are reading this Robyn!!!). However, she did send me the most gorgeous blush color called Blushing that provided my actress with the most naturally radiant warm “flush” tone on her face.

I set the face with the Pure Silk Powder and moved on to my actress’ eyes. Choosing 4 shades from the “haul” of color so generously bestowed upon me; Cappuccino (for lid), Dark Brown Matte (for crease), Matte Mauve (for corner of eye) and Nearly Nude (for brow bone). I lined the eyes with Pruely Cosmetics’ Cream to Powder eye shadow in Dark Brown on the top and bottom lash lines. Mascara was my trusted drug store CoverGirl Lash Blast and lips were lined with a natural tone liner and M.A.C. Twig Lipstick.

Now, the time came for my actress to take her “mark” on camera and as we entered the sound stage, I was holding my breath in hopes that this product line would not let me down! I stared into the monitor, crossing my fingers with my left hand and my right hand firmly gripping my “actor” bag containing “back up“ product I could use to quickly cover up the mineral makeup, but guess what? I did not need that “other” makeup; Purely Cosmetics was incredible on camera.

Flash forward to the next morning and I thought, “hey, if my actress looked amazing yesterday, I should try Purely Cosmetics on my skin!” I marched downstairs and grabbed the product from my makeup kit and started to go to work! I am over 40 and have dry skin with an oily t-zone. I absolutely loved how this mineral line covered up my skin issues and diminished my fine lines and wrinkles!

I am a cream foundation girl, but Purely Cosmetics will be in my personal and professional makeup kit from now forward as an alternative to my traditional products! The eye shadow and blush pigments are lovely and a matte finish is my personal choice with a slight shimmer, which diffuses light off my brow bone and cheek area (which I feel makes me look younger)!

Got Teenagers? Me too! Once I was thoroughly schooled on the ingredients in and performance of this mineral line, I sprinted into my teenage daughter’s bathroom, ripped open their cosmetic bags and dumped all the other brands of mineral cosmetics I had purchased for my girls onto the floor and began reading the ingredients. Let’s just say, I was disgusted by what I found and promptly trashed at least $100 worth of cosmetics, but they will be replaced with Purely’s line very soon!

You can imagine how much my girls love makeup and are always asking to “borrow” something I am using, but I make sure that they understand not only how to take care of their skin, but what it means to wear cosmetics, how to apply them properly and how to remove them so as not to damage that genetically gorgeous skin they have been blessed to have been given.

I highly recommend this mineral line and have not found another that was able to live up to my high expectations as a mom and professional makeup artist! Thanks Robyn for creating a wonderful alternative for the consumer!

Purely Cosmetics can be purchased online at www.purelycosmetics.com and here is another bonus, if you have a question, guess who will respond? Robyn herself – how’s that for customer service!

Check out these great ideas from Purely Cosmetics; their products are so pure and so versatile that you can mix them with clear nail polish and create your very own color! Also, mix with your favorite clear lip balm and create your own personal lipstick color! Mix the foundation with one or two drops of moisturizer for a creamy base for extra dry skin. Wet it and use as an eyeliner!

Up next on IMPO: It’s time to embrace your inner Rock Star!!! Learn how to create a Smoky Eye for both day and night!


  1. love it!! i will be trying out this line soon & dumping my bare escentuals in the trash. ThanX!

    ♥ Shaina

  2. Shaina,

    So glad you enjoyed this post and that you had a chance to check out the statistics on Purely Cosmetics. I think you will love this product line!

  3. You know me - when I find a great product line I want the world to know about it!!!!

  4. Dang girl you are so thorough...Funny you used it on HD and loved it...I figured out one reason why...I have been using MUFE's HD Powder forever and finally realized that both MUFE and Purely use silica (MUFE's in 100% silica)...I think it's a great ingredient. I did a makeover with Purely on a 60+ gal and she looked AMAZING...it completely covered some pretty nasty skin cancer scars and looked totally natural....For sure the best loose mineral mu I've used.

  5. Josi!

    Wow! That is really awesome! Nice to know that Purely covers the "tough" stuff! Thanks for the love!

  6. Josi - just you wait. I've got something coming in that puts silica and MUFE to shame. Finally found enough people to split the ginormous minimums with the buy it, and took out a 2nd to pay for it :) It should be up in a few weeks - lets just leave it at diamonds, anyone?

  7. Thanks for turning me on to this! I think I'm going to try to make it into the cream using moisturizer in addition to the regular test! I kind of want to try the nail polish thing too! :)

  8. Josi & Robyn,

    It is pretty amazing - Robyn sent me a sample and I am in total love with it!

  9. Bella B.,

    Let us know if you try those tricks and tell us how they worked for you!!! So glad to hear that this post worked for you!

  10. I'm here with more raves about Purely Cosmetics. It covers my melasma and dark circles under my eyes. Plus it looks like I'm not running around wearing a pancake full of face makeup. LOVE IT! Like Melissa, I hated mineral makeup before I tried Purely. Every brand made me itch (the bismuth) or breakout. Not pretty. I have uber sensitive skin and loads of allergies. I had given up on covering the melasma and just wore sunscreen with a dab of concealer. Now I'm in love with Robyn's Purely!

  11. Thanks for the comment Bionic! It is the only mineral line I use and recommend!

  12. Do you recommend this line for using with flash photoshooting? I use coastal scents eye shadow palette and it's kinda not seen on photos, even with no flash, but I use MUFE HD powder and it's ok. And, one more question :) Is it ok to use mineral and not-mineral make up together if it's for photoshooting? For ex. not mineral foundation and mineral powder on top. I mainly work for photo shooting, both with natural light and with flash so it's crucial for me to know what gives better results. What can you recommend?

  13. Hi delerith21!

    OK - first, I only used this product during an HD television shoot and I encourage you to contact Robyn directly. She may have more info or test results that have been done from a more professional photoshoot. I will tell you this-what I know from mineral use and flash photography is that because the mineral makeup is so natural that it is not pigmented enough for the flash - plus the glitter or major sparkle makes it a major no, no!

    Purely Cosmetics has way more pigmentation - especially the cream to powder eye shadows - but they are soft - not saturated color. I would guess that they would work for flash. Robyn is developing a special powder that will mimic MUFE HD powder (but in mineral form). I also love the fact that most of her color line is matte or has a slight shimmer. It worked for me on HD television, but I have not used it in photography either editorial, wedding, etc.

  14. Delerith,
    You'd want to use either Silk Powder as a finishing powder (it reflects light the closest to the way skin does), or the new finishing powder I'm waiting anxiously for Mr. UPS Man to deliver, called Diamond Perfect Finish. This is the one that would compete with MUFE, but it has extremely fine diamonds in it that settles into the fine lines and pores and bends the light. It is also UV photoluminescent, and should work well for photography. As far as the foundation itself, I wouldn't recommend the standard formula - but the Skin Smoothing. Again, the Skin Smoothing has silk powder in it, and the standard formula would end up with a whitish cast from the titanium dioxide and the flash. If you contact me at Robyn(at)PurelyCosmetics.com, I'll send you some samples and you can test for yourself. I'm not an authority on my products with flash photography!