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What do Sharon StoneLindsay LohanKate BeckinsaleBrittany MurphyJessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson have in common? They all share the same makeup artist!

Tricia Sawyer began her career at The Joe Blasco Makeup School in Los Angeles at the tender age of 18! After graduating, she honed her skills working as an artist with Roger Corman’s Concorde/New Horizons and on several music videos for Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osborne and Janet Jackson.

In 1992, Tricia was asked to work with Sharon Stone on the movie “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie,” which turned out to be the first of twenty feature films they would collaborate on together. She is a sought after makeup artist by some of Hollywood’s A-List celebrities and in 1995 Tricia became the spokesperson for Prescriptives Cosmetics where she was responsible for the re-design of the existing color line up, along with the design of new collections; most notably the “Magic” line. She would work as a spokesperson for four-years and stayed on with Estee Lauder Companies as an independent development consultant.

The obvious next step for this Pro MUA was to develop her own cosmetic line and that naturally came to fruition with the birth of Tricia Sawyer Beauty. Tricia used her knowledge of the film and television industry along with her expertise in product development and came up with a cosmetic brand that is highly pigmented, versatile and easy to use. Having her finger on the “pulse” of the needs of the everyday woman, Tricia brings a unique and exciting line of beauty and lifestyle products to the consumer.

I first discovered the TSB line when searching for quality product to stock in my professional makeup kit. You can imagine how intense it is to research forty different cosmetics brands, only to discover that on a film set, television show or photo shoot, only a few products from the line really “work!” It is a frustrating and expensive experience. I was determined to find one makeup line that “had it all!”

This Pro is a palette girl and can’t have hundreds of individual eye shadow and blush colors floating around in my kit, so when I found TSB the very first products I purchased was the entire palette line. Tricia cleverly designs her palettes during her post-production phase when she is hired on as an actress’ personal makeup artist. They collaborate together on a certain “look” for the character that the actress will be portraying in the film and Tricia takes those colors and develops the palette. She decided to bring that idea to the mainstream and now the consumer can benefit.

Currently, each TSB Icon Palette consists of 6 eye shadow colors and 2 full-size blush colors. Named after iconic beauties that have had the pleasure of working directly with Tricia, here is a list of this Pro’s favorites:

Sharon – based on a movie shot in Las Vegas during the time period of the 1960’s, these colors translate into modern life. This palette is incredible for a smoky eye look full of drama!

Lindsay – based on a movie where Ms. Lohan portrayed twin sisters, these colors are fresh, but bring definition to the eyes and cheeks. Incredible natural blush colors bring a warm flush to the skin. Great starter palette for teens!

Regina – combining soft and dramatic colors together reflective of Ms. King’s Oscar-winning performance in “Ray,” this palette will take you from day to night. This Pro’s all-time favorite highlight color called Voluptuous is housed in this palette.

Scarlett – based on a movie where Ms. Johansson portrayed a college student at NYU, this palette captures youth and beauty. If you have similar coloring then this palette will make your eyes “pop!”

Brittany – based on a “little” movie in which Ms. Murphy’s character was a young career minded girl looking for love, these colors are polished and professional, yet more natural in tone. Great palette for the busy executive!

Kate – based on a movie character that was an artist, these colors are fun and extremely pigmented. Packed with a gorgeous range of purple hues, you can create a beautiful look for day and a glamorous look for evening.

Essential and Essential Pretty – containing the 4 most “essential” colors a Pro MUA carries in their kit, these universal shades can be used for eye shadow, blush, contour, highlight, eye brows and liner. I use the Essential palette daily both personally and professionally.

Another plus to these palettes is that Tricia understood that some colors will be “loved” more than others, so she made it convenient to refill these components. Incredible for travel or on-the-go, you can slip them into your cosmetic bag for easy touch-up or to take a look from daytime to nighttime!

When a Pro MUA sets out to manufacturer his or her own product line, the concept usually started because of a “lack” in the industry. A “need” the makeup artist can’t fulfill by purchasing a product from a mass-marketed beauty line, the artist will usually mix up their own brand of foundation, primer, eye shadow color, lip color, etc.

The next step is the artist will “stumble” upon a great concept never before seen in the cosmetic industry. Those Pro tips and tricks turned “specialty” products are my favorite! The TSB line has two such creations in the collection that stand out from the crowd; Eye Slept and Smoke and Mirrors.

Eye Slept – hailed as the “instant good night sleep in a jar,” this product can be used over or under makeup, but it is NOT a concealer! It is a skin “brightener” with a creamy marshmallow consistency. Used to bring lightness to the dark areas of the under eye, nasal labial folds, chin or cupid’s bow, you need very, very little to give your skin an instant pick me up. Applied with your fingertip, this product will absorb quickly and blend easily.

Smoke and Mirrors – the smoky eye look is the most popular eye look of all time! A Pro MUA uses approximately 6 different shades to create a “traditional” smoky concept, consisting of black, charcoal, grey, silver, purple and sometimes, blue hues. Smoke and Mirrors is a smoky eye in a bottle making it easy to achieve the look with one product and one step. All 6 hues are combined into this product and you apply with the wand tip applicator. Use alone or layer it over your existing daytime shadow to transform your look for night.  Pro tip: tap off excess before applying to eye lid.

Giving “good face” is most important to the Pro Makeup Artist so making sure that an actor, actress or model has perfect skin is first on the list. Much like a painter preps a canvas, the MUA must prep skin before working their magic. The TSB Skin Balancing Water Primer is an incredible oil-free product infused with aloe leaf, to soothe and cool and sodium hyaluronate to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Silicone is added to maintain your natural moisture levels by trapping water next to the skin’s surface. It is also perfect for men after shaving to provide extra moisturization and to calm the skin.

Full Potential Foundation is what Tricia uses to cover discolorations and imperfections on her client’s skin. Highly pigmented, cream foundation that offers the best of both worlds: coverage with minimal amount of product used to allow for correction of issues with a soft, transparent appearance. You don’t have to live your life on the “big screen” to have a perfect complexion.

In order to apply this foundation like a Pro, use what the Pro’s use; the Tricia Sawyer Beauty Foundation Brush. Unlike flat brushes that can leave “streak” marks, Tricia’s foundation brush has a unique rounded shape, which allows you to “buff” foundation into the natural curves of your face, creating a flawless finish.

You must “set” any cream or liquid product applied to the face prior to applying powder blush or eye shadow (if you don’t, then you will look worse than a “hot” mess!). Tricia Sawyer Beauty’s The Powder is a loose, translucent, setting powder made of finely milled cotton, which soaks up oil and will control shine during the day reducing the need for touch ups. This product won’t settle into the fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes and forehead and it won’t clog pores!

Tricia Sawyer Beauty products are sold online at www.triciasawyer.com, www.qvc.com, www.sephora.com and they are sold at selected Sephora store locations.  

INSIDER INFO:  Tricia is constantly adding to her extensive cosmetic line and on Saturday, May 30th, watch Tricia live on QVC's Saturday Night Beauty!  She will be debuting her new Brow Define Pencils and believe me, you will want to get your hands on this amazing product!  Check the QVC Program Guide for show times in your area and don't forget to set the DVR or Tivo!

Tricia has several how-to videos on YouTube, iTunes or on her website.  The video below highlights tips and tricks for using the Eye Slept product.  Check out her tutorial collection featuring her Foundation, Icon Palettes, Essential Palettes, Smoke and Mirrors, plus tips on how to clean and preserve your brushes and much more!

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* All photos courtesy of Tricia Sawyer Beauty & IMDB except Regina King promo photo.


  1. I know, it's so funny..I have this HUGE kit that is such a pain to lug around but then I end up using the same products over and over (then when I "downsize" I inevitabilty miss that ONE product I haven't used in 8 years)..Looks like TSB could be staples for sure! And the Eye Slept.....can't wait to try it myself....

  2. Hi Josi,

    Finding Tricia's product was like a dream come true for me! My kit will always contain several brands of cosmetic, but TSB does have it all! Eye Slept is the greatest invention. You will have to get two - because once you see what it does for your clients, you will want one for yourself!

  3. I'm loving the Scarlett and Kate palette's! And I love those actresses too, so that's probably swaying my decisions a bit... but those colors are just to-dye-for!

  4. Hi Bionic,

    They are great colors! Amazing pigment and blendability! Tricia knocked one out of the ballpark with her icon palettes!