I Love Lucy!

Founder Lucy Baldock-Sacchi is originally from London and has been working as a celebrity and beauty makeup artist for over 15 years. Her clients include Claudia Shiffer, Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle McPherson and Kylie Minogue to name just a few and she has worked for some of the most influential magazines of our time – Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Vanity Fair.

Lucy began Lucy B. Cosmetics when she discovered a gap in the market between color cosmetics and organic ingredient resources found in Australia. Today, Lucy B. Cosmetics is the only color range in the world to have infused the natural Australian Flower Essences within their products.

Lucy’s vision is to balance image and style with heart and soul and when you use this product line, you will grasp that same perspective! Lucy was kind enough to send In My Professional Opinion many wonderful products to play with and boy, did we put them to the test!

Here is a list of the our must-haves:

Fresh Juice Lip Glosses – while this product is the ultimate in bee stung lips, it is the color and staying power that captured our seal of approval! We fell head over heals in lust with Coconut Kiss, Tinkerbell and Tigerlily! These super-shiny glosses are a big hit amongst celebrities so make sure to pre-order Tinkerbell and Beatnik online today! These gloss colors are sure to fly off the shelves when they are released this Spring!

Tinted Lip Balms – these balms are the bomb! Formulated with Vitamin E and a delicious watermelon scent, these little cuties will certainly uplift your spirit! We especially loved Nudie, Pink Bikini and Ruby Red! Great for travel and should be used in conjunction with Lucy B’s Lemonade Organic Lip Balm.

Frangipani Bronzing Shimmer Oil – all we can say is, “hello summer!” This is the most amazing bronzing, shimmer oil that gives even your winter tanned-less skin a kiss from the sun! Infused with organic coconut, jojoba and sunflower oils and with Lucy B’s signature confidence enhancing Australian Flower Essences, you are going to feel and smell like you are on a beach holiday! Great winter pick-me-up!

Eye Silk Eye Shadows – Lucy B. was kind enough to give us a sneak peek at a new collection they will be releasing soon and you are going to want every single color of these amazing crème eye shadows – we can’t stop wearing Sea Shell, Rock Pool and Bronze! As with most crème shadows, prep your lid with an eyelid primer prior to use and your shadow will last all day and long past happy hour! This product is great as eyeliner or used as a powder eye shadow base and you can mix the colors together to create a very sexy look!

Coming soon from Lucy B. Cosmetics is a line of Lip and Eye Pencils and Cheeky Rouge, which we hope to feature on a future blog post here at In My Professional Opinion!

Lucy B. Cosmetics are available at Anthropologie, QVC, Planet Blue and at the following online stores:



Crème shadows are a big must have for this Pro and they are part of my 5 Minute Face almost every morning – used as an overall color from lid to brow, they provide just the “right” amount of color and shimmer to open up the eye so you will look like you got 8 hours of sleep even if you didn't!


Tune in next time when In My Professional Opinion will be reviewing eyeliner! You won't to miss this post because we have some very interesting products to tell you about!


  1. This blog is bad for my pocketbook! :D But so worth it.

  2. Hi Jessica! Lucy B's glosses are great! The staying power of the Fresh Juice Lip Glosses is what impressed me so much - I put the gloss on before a shoot and was drinking water from the bottle for about 5 takes - when I got back to my makeup room, the gloss was still on! Not super glossy, but it was there! I was totally sold and started slapping it on anyone that would stand still!