Get Organized!

We spend hundreds, if not thousands organizing our homes, from our closets to our kitchen cabinets, buying containers and pouches of every size, shape and color to make our life more streamlined. We always want more items in less space. So why wouldn’t we apply the same tactics to our professional makeup kits or personal beauty bags?

As freelance makeup artists, we are constantly lugging an “everything kit” with us to be prepared for each client’s needs and last minute changes. Carrying a full makeup and hair kit, as well as a set chair, tools and disposables, magically transform our cars into our everyday makeup trailer! 

We refer to ourselves as makeup pack mules, but we don’t like to make three trips to the car to unload our equipment at each job. So, when Z Palettes entered our lives, even the Pro's chiropractor was overjoyed!

Z Palettes are magnetic makeup palettes with a clear window lids, designed to consolidate your bulky compacts and individual eyeshadows and blushers after depotting. Instead of carrying six separate powder foundations, the Pros can depot them and place them all in ONE Z Palette, see them all at one time and stack them easily in our Pro kits.

As for consumers, they are perfect for those beauty junkies or jet set gals (or guys) on the go who want to bring a variety of makeup with them in order to be ready for any occasion! You can have all your colors right at your finger tips and not stuffed in a drawer, upside down so you can read the names of the colors on the labels! It truly is the one product that has streamlined our Pro kits and made working on the fly easier and much more efficient. If you are a collector of makeup products then the Z Palette is perfect for you!

The palettes also make it easier to disinfect and sanitize our products after each use. We recommend using Beauty So Clean spray; just line up your palettes, give them all a good spray, let dry and viola! They are ready for your next makeup look!

Z Palette creator Zena Shteysel originally launched her line with two sizes: the small square and large rectangular palette. Recently, she super-sized the large palette and gave us makeup artists the PRO Palette, which is slightly wider and longer, making it easy to fit full-sized blushes or eyeshadows...IN ONE PLACE! 

Her most recent addition, the DOME Palette, was created to accommodate the rounded mineral powder products on the market today. By making the palette deeper, the half dome powders have plenty of room without touching the lid. It also makes a great carrying case by holding several brushes with your products or a powder puff or two to keep set bags or personal makeup bags uncluttered.

Made with Eco friendly and recyclable materials, Z Palettes come in the iconic Black color and also now in more options like stripes with a nod to nautical flare, animal prints if your'e feeling sassy, and bold colors making them easier to find or color coordinate your makeup depending on your mood! 

Also, because some products do not have magnets attached after the depotting process, we recommend purchasing packets of round and square metal stickers from the Z Palette website ensuring that your favorite product's "pans" will adhere to the palette's magnet bottom.

If you want to consolidate lipsticks or concealers, we highly recommend purchasing the empty metal pans from Z Palette. 16 fit in a small palette, 50 in a large, and 60 in the PRO and DOME palette. The Pros love carrying our lipsticks and concealers this way because it’s easier to mix colors and customize shades. 

Z Palettes are available for purchase at Naimies Beauty Center, Nigels Beauty Emporium, Frends Beauty Supply in stores and online, as well as from many other vendors. Go to for more information. The Z Palette website also has an entire section dedicated to depotting your products, which the Pros have found to be very helpful. 

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  1. Great tips! i will definitely follow them since I have lots of things to get organize =)