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In my world of professional makeup artistry my inspiration and motivation comes from other Pros who mainly work in the film industry.

I admire artists who not only ooze talent, but also are expert communicators, negotiators, organizers, listeners, teachers, product testers, leaders, jugglers and who are very skilled problem solvers. These artists are usually also entrepreneurs.

Kim Greene is one such artist! I have admired her work for years from such films as Terminator Salvation, A Prairie Home Companion, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Charlie's Angels and The People vs. Larry Flynt, just to name a few.

She has built a very solid career in film, but also works in television and print. Kim also, somehow, finds the time to teach, blog and invent products that are used by professional artists behind-the-scenes.

Kim Greene started her career in 1992 and has worked on everything from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday to Get Him To the Greek! 

Actresses such as Drew Barrymore, Christina Applegate, Neve Campbell, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Minka Kelly have all relied on Kim and her makeup talents. Actors such as Woody Harrelson, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron have requested her to be their personal makeup artist and if that weren't enough, Kim Greene has also been Department Head on some pretty major films.

To say that she knows a thing or two about makeup artistry is such a huge understatement! I was so excited when Kim decided to start a blog and share her behind-the-scenes secrets. Since I have never had the privilege of assisting or working along side Kim, her blog is a learning tool for me that will prove invaluable.

Her blog is called Kim Greene's Makeup Tips from the Set and if you are smart, you will bookmark it immediately because it contains secret tips and tricks that Kim has discovered in her 20 years as an artist.

Kim is new to blogging, but I know that her blog will become extremely popular. I mean, who wouldn't want to know what Drew Barrymore's personal makeup artist is using on Drew's skin, eyes, cheeks and lips?

The best thing is that you know that the products Kim suggests have been truly put to the test! 12-hour work days, under hot lights, difficult weather conditions and sleep deprivation are just a few obstacles that Kim deals with daily and no doubt she has become quiet the magician!

She also invented The Kim Greene Bag Line, which I use both personally and professionally. Her bag is the "set bag" of choice for many Pro makeup artists because they are durable, reliable and stylish!

She designed her line because she was working and traveling so much from set to set and her desire to keep her professional and personal life organized pushed her into creating a bag that was unique and functional.

These bags keep all product and supplies sanitary and easy to find because they are "clear". For Pro artists, digging through a black set bag on a dark sound stage to find a lip gloss or powder for touch up is extremely frustrating! Kim made that problem disappear and she did it in a very affordable way.

Her line has several cosmetic and travel bags to fit your needs. This Pro uses the Premier Bag as a set bag when I am working and I use the Essential Bag for my personal cosmetic bag. Kim has other bags called Brush & Stuff, which keeps brushes, lip pencils, eye pencils, hair essentials and other products organized and not spilling in the bottom of your larger bag or purse.

If you are like me, organization is a must! I hate feeling unorganized or worse, being perceived as slow on set because I am not able to quickly accomplish a makeup touch up. I never have to worry because Kim Greene's bags keep everything orderly!

I have seen artists pull out zip lock bags from their larger set bags containing an actor/actresses makeup - that doesn't work for this Pro, even though it appears to be a practical and cheap solution!

Made of heavy PVC gauge vinyl, these bags clean up easily and because they come "clear" or "clear colored" it is easy to coordinate several actor's individual needs on set efficiently.

Costumers, Hair Stylists, Manicurists, Estheticians and even Prop Masters have discovered the organizational benefits of The Kim Greene Bag Line too - they're not just for artists!

In writing this blog post and doing my research, I realize that I need to purchase more bags! I am in need of more Essential Bags for heavy cast days and I will add more Brush & Stuff bags to my never ending list of must haves!

I have said this a million times - the Pros know! So, read Kim's blog because she will steer you in the right direction on solutions to skin and makeup issues.  Purchase one of Kim's bags and kiss your organizational woes goodbye!  Also, if you are a professional artist, visit The Makeup Space on MUAtv and take Kim Greene's seminar on The Secrets to being a Good Department Head Makeup Artist - Organization, Design and Communication.

"Like" The Kim Greene Bag Line on Facebook where you will get up-to-date information on new products and if you are a movie buff, you can see some great behind-the-scenes photos.


I carry small first aid items in Kim's Brush & Stuff bags too and they keep my temporary tattoos and transfers safe inside my larger kit.  You can purchase Kim's bags online at or from the following retailers:


Frends Beauty Supply – North Hollywood, CA
Naimie’s Beauty Supply – Valley Village, CA
Nigel’s Beauty Emporium – North Hollywood, CA
Manhattan Wardrobe Supply – New York, NY
Alcone – New York, NY


Beautyconnexion – online


P.A.M. – London, England
The Makeup Foundation – Melbourne, Victoria Australia


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