Get the look - Valentine's Day!

You always want to look incredible on a day like Valentine’s Day because it symbolizes love, affection and intimacy!  You want to feel beautiful, look sexy and exude passion.  How come everyday isn’t Valentine’s Day?

If you have a hot date on V-Day or maybe you are going out for a girl’s night, you can’t go wrong with smoldering eyes and glossy lips.

The Pro’s want to help you get the look and it’s easy when you use products from Eve Pearl's cosmetic line! Check out our link to Eve's great Valentine's Day makeup offer under our Pro Tips and Tricks section below!

Step 1 – After you cleanse your face, properly prep your skin with Eve Pearl’s Priming Moisturizer with Astaxanthin.  This product is incredible for anti-aging and contains natural sunscreen so you won’t be worried about flash photography!  It also is an essential step that will help your makeup apply smoother and last longer - don't skip it!

Step 2 – decide if you plan to apply your eye makeup first and then your foundation or apply your foundation and then the rest of your makeup.  We recommend applying the eyes first because you can clean up any fall out from the shadow and not ruin your foundation or concealer.

Eve Pearl’s Diamond Eyes palette is perfect for achieving a smoky eye look.  It contains 6 of the most dramatic, pigmented and gorgeous shades in the gold and silver family, which when blended together will make your eyes sexy and seductive!


Start with a combination of the deepest shades and apply all over the lid up to the crease.  Using a clean blending brush, blend only in the crease area – as if you are fading the color into that crease and diminishing any lines of demarcation - do not blend the lid – you still want the deepest, darkest hues to be along your lash line area and on the lid.  Take these same shades and run them along the lower lash line and blend, creating that fading effect.

Take a small amount of either the light gold shade or silver shade and pat that color right in the center of the eye lid – which is the most moveable part of your eye – this will act as a highlight.  Don’t forget to take that it shade and apply to the inner corner of the eye too.  The Pro’s like to keep the brow bone completely bare, but you could use the highlight color along the brow bone too. 

Line the upper and lower water line with Eve Pearl’s Kohl Eye Pencil in Blackout and apply at least 2 coats of the Glamour Lash Mascara in Jet Black.

If you are feeling extremely playful, a set of Absolute Eyelashes 104 will really make your eyes pop!  Now, clean up any fallout with a wipe and reapply a tiny amount of the Priming Moisturizer under the eye area – dabbing with your ring finger and begin foundation.

Step 3 - remember foundation comes before concealer.  Many times a great foundation with a medium coverage will cover skin imperfections eliminating the need to use concealer and minimizing the amount of product used on the face. 

Eve’s product line also contains two options for foundation – pressed powder foundation or cream foundation or if you want to apply your makeup like the Pro’s do, then you will want to have both types in your arsenal.

Begin with the HD Dual Foundation in your shade – most people will fall into the Medium category, but Eve’s line makes it easy to find the shade that exactly matches your tone because you will receive two shades in one compact for mixing and matching.

The Pro’s like to use Eve’s method of applying foundation and below is a how-to YouTube video of Eve demonstrating proper foundation application.  Once you have applied and blended your cream foundation using a sponge, brush or fingers, it is time for concealer.

Step 4Salmon Concealer & Treatment is the only concealer that the Pro’s use because it will completely erase all signs of dark circles and it applies silky smooth to the under eye area without caking. Eve makes it easy to find the shade that matches your skin tone!

We like to apply this concealer with our fingers and then blend into the skin using a small, tapered, fluffy blending brush (like a crease brush normally used for eye shadow application). You can also spot conceal any blemishes or discolorations at this time.  

The Pro’s use a very small, pointed eyeliner or lipstick brush to conceal small pimples – this is to ensure precise coverage of the blemish and the area around it.

Step 5 – set foundation using the HD Dual Pressed Powder in the matching shade to your HD Dual Foundation cream.  This step will eliminate shine and prep the makeup to receive powder products.  

BONUS – this powder is also a foundation and can be used wet or dry.  If you prefer the light feeling of a pressed powder foundation, this product delivers buildable coverage that adjusts from a sheer to medium to full when applied with a damp brush.  When used dry, this product will create natural highlights and contours of the face for a flawless finish.

Step 6 – it’s time for cheeks!  Using Eve’s Bronzing Highlighter Trio, which are three colors that are ideal for every skin tone and a “fan” brush; sweep the color over the apples of the cheeks.

You can also use the colors individually to create more sculpted cheekbones or as a highlight around the orbital bone area.  The Pro’s use a fan brush to apply this product because the shape of this brush will ensure we do not apply too much color.

If you want a more pop of color on the cheeks, try Eve’s blush trio in Sassy Cheeks, which contains 2 great matte shades that are the perfect pinky and peachy tone and an illuminating bronzer.  Tip: remember if you are rocking that smoky eye using the steps above, then you will want to keep your cheek more neutral or you will look overly made up!

Step 7 – you have got to reach for Eve Pearl’s Pearlicious Lip Gloss Set!  Every girl needs some Foreplay, Climax, Striptease and Ménage in her life and Eve’s set delivers!  Whichever shade you choose to wear, you will have the perfect kissable color on your lips!

If you want to create more definition to your lip line, try using the Kohl Lip Pencil & Brush Combo in Cosmo, which is the perfect natural lip shade that applies creamy.  Fill in the entire lip area and viola!  You have a gorgeous, nude lipstick shade!

Step 8 – step back and look over your entire face.  Now is the time to adjust, add color or blend more.  You may also want to use Eve’s Smudgeproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black Pearl if you are seeing the band from your false eyelashes.  Decide to fill in brows if they are sparse and brush them into place.  The Pro’s use the matte powder eye shadow from the Au Natural palette and a stiff angle brush to lightly feather color into the brows.

By now you should be feeling and looking like a million bucks! Don’t forget to toss your lip color and pressed powder into your handbag for touch ups!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Pro Tips and Tricks:

Eve has great makeup specials for Valentine’s Day – check out her YouTube promo below and get shopping! Click here to go directly to the Eve Pearl website!

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