Products of the Month - November

Usually Southern California is sunny and mild until December, but this entire year has been a crazy weather experience for our State, as well as the rest of the country and the world.

November has been blustery and cold.  The heater was turned on weeks ago and our skin is starting to have that “tight” feeling that we despise!  We have also noticed some dry, flaky patches of skin around our nose and chin.  It’s as if all the dewiness has been sucked right out of our pores.

We traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday too, which did not help the state of our current skin issues. Even though we are professional makeup artists and know a thing or two about skincare, doesn’t mean our skin always cooperates or that we don’t engage in some laziness every once in awhile.

It is time to rehydrate our entire bodies!  More water consumption and more moisturizer.  The Pro’s don’t want to show up to our scheduled holiday parties in a sexy dress and killer heels with patchy, scratchy, red, irritated skin, so we are reevaluating and adding to our current skincare regime (both day and night).

Winter has arrived, so here’s the Pro’s list of November Products of the Month to combat the winter blues…

Jan Marini Skin Research - Age Intervention Gentle Cleanser – not only are the Pro’s having issues with their skin, but our clients are too, so we decided to change things up a bit and add Jan Marini’s newest cleanser to our professional kits. We not only use this cleanser for removing eye makeup, but all over the face and neck to prep the skin prior to applying cosmetics.  It is extremely mild and non-foaming, which makes it extremely effective for all skin types.

Jan Marini Skin ResearchInstant Refining Exfoliator – this exfoliator will immediately create a perfectly smooth canvas for makeup and because it is a resurfacer, your skin’s texture and follicle size is refined.  Non-abrasive and gentle enough to use daily (we use it twice a week), this product will get rid of flaky, dry skin and will boost the penetration of other skincare products in your regime.  This product is a Limited Holiday Edition.

SAMPAR ParisBarley There Moisture Fluid – add this little extra bit of “oomph" to your nighttime skin regime.  We recommend applying under the SAMPAR Nocturnal Lifting Mask before bed.  The combination of the extra moisture and mask will lock in hydration and help to heel itchy, dry patches.

VotreVuPortrait Collar Restorative Neck Cream – if you think that only your face needs more moisturizer, you are wrong!  Your neck area ages faster than your face because it has different hormonal reactors and by using a specialized formula made especially for the neck, you can help to smooth the appearance of deep-set lines and tighten saggy skin!  Toss out your turtleneck tops and keep your chin up in public!  The Pro’s keep an extra one of these on the bedside table so that we lather up at night too!

AquaphorOriginal Formula Healing Ointment – this product works miracles on extremely dry, cracked and irritated skin.  It also creates a protective barrier that seals in moisture.  If your skin is raw, chapped, chafed or if you have undergone radiation treatments, facial resurfacing or if you suffer from other sensitive skin issues, you may want to try this product.  The IMPO Pro’s rely on this ointment to heal our hands, elbows, heels of our feet and knees during the winter months.  This is also great for the lips and around the mouth to heal chapping.

JAO - Hand Refresher – this is a waterless antibacterial cleanser that is infused with lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and sage oil.  It is the only sanitizer the Pro’s use in our makeup room or trailer.  Other products wipe out good bacteria along with bad bacteria, this product’s main ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol, which is proven effective to guard against harmful germs, but doesn’t kill off the body’s natural defenses.  Plus, it doesn’t have that offensive alcohol smell and it won’t dry out your hands.  Keep a small bottle in your handbag, car and backpack.

PhytoMasque Haute Hydration (intense hydrating mask) – do not forget about your hair this winter!  The Pro’s received this mask as gratis for our professional hair kit, but wanted to try it personally because we had heard about the amazing results consumers were having when using this product. This is an intense hydrating mask that regenerates hair and adds suppleness.  If you are prone to frizz, excessive shedding or if your hair is dry, brittle, dull or lifeless then this product can help.  Bonus – it only takes 2-5 minutes so you can add it to your morning routine!

EOS (evolution of smooth) – Lip Balm – do you have little kids or teenagers?  Do they always have chapped, cracked, dehydrated lips in the winter? If you are answering yes to these questions, then you have to try out EOS.  Kids and teens don’t like products that look industrial or smell medicinal.  They like cool, hip packaging and they must have flavor!  This product is a mom’s secret weapon to solving “ouchy” cracked lips plus it is Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Petrolatum-free and Phthalate-free, which means that this product is 95% organic, 100% natural and it is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E.

Youngblood Mineral CosmeticsMineral Radiance Moisture Tint – this product does triple duty by leaving the skin hydrated, concealed and protected.  The Pro’s switch up foundation in the winter and we decided to revisit a summer favorite because this product provides our skin with free-radical fighting antioxidants, calming botanicals and nourishing minerals.  It does not sink into fine lines, wrinkles and it helps combat those dry, flaky patches around our nasal labial folds and chin.

ClarinsBarocco Face Palette – it is time to add illumination to the skin during these drab winter months and this palette is up to the task, especially if your skin is dry.  There are 4 shades in this palette – pale pink, sun-kissed beige, sparkling coral and natural beige, which can all be blended together or applied alone.  This product will enhance all complexions and will bring an instant glow back to lifeless skin!

Physicians FormulaSwirl Powder – is a good drug-store alternative to the Clarins' product listed above because it is a brighten powder that will help to blend away redness.  It tops the list of Elle Magazine World’s Best Beauty Products and is great on all skin tones.  Bonus – this product is a mineral correcting powder that is talc-free.

Laura MercierEye Color Pot – this product is a double-decker component that contains a cream color and matching loose color in two different formulas, which can be worn alone or together to create more intensity.  The cream shadow is not only an amazing eye shadow base, but is an extended wear color that won’t crease or fade and blends flawlessly.  If your eyes tend to water in the winter then try this product by using both colors on the lid and only the cream to line under the eye.

Eve PearlBlack Pearl Liquid Eyeliner – this product has been a staple in both the Pro’s professional kits and personal makeup bags for years now.  It is, without a doubt, the best liquid eyeliner in a pen form that we have found.  Does not smudge, flake or dry out and it is totally easy to use.  We like to use it to tight line the upper lid in the winter and the precise brush allows for a close application right along the lash line to give the appearance of full lashes.

Make Up For EverLash Fibers – this product will double your lashes and will boost any mascara.  Want full, fluttering, long lashes?  Then this mascara base is the answer.  Try it with your current mascara for instant results.

Make Up For EverAqua Smoky Lash – this is a waterproof formula that provides volume and curl.  This mascara can be worn in the most extreme winter conditions and it won’t budge.  Again, if you tend to have watery eyes in the winter due to extreme wind or dryness then this mascara will work wonders for you!

CliniqueBlack Honey Almost Lipstick – in returning to our fall/winter collection of lip colors, the Pro’s came across an icon product that consumers purchase every year.  In fact, there is an Almost Lipstick in Black Honey sold every two minutes, 852 sold daily, which means that over 300,000 are sold every year!  You can’t argue with stats like that!  This product is a great color for the season and because it is not quite a lipstick and not quite a gloss, it is the best of both worlds!  It is a sheer color that is moisturizing, blends well and won’t bleed.  Tip:  use a little on your cheeks for a pop of sheer color and to coordinate your lip and cheek area!

Pro Tips and Tricks:

Your complexion is key this season and into the deep winter months.  The application of foundation, concealer and powder should be light.  To create skin that looks hydrated, mix a little YSL - Touche Elcat Highlighter Pen with a pot concealer like Laura Mercier, MAC or Bobby Brown and apply/dab on with your fingers under the eyes.

 Photo courtesy: Implied Images


  1. Dear Pros,

    Thanks for the shout out on Votre Vu's Portrait Collar! I have had such great success using this and I love the oh-so-French smell.

    I am curious about the Make-up Forever Mascara. Even though I curl my lashes before mascara application, they never keep the curl. Do you think this product has enough "curl enhancer" to help overly straight lashes? I used some other products in the past with poor results. Recommendations on the best place to purchase?


  2. Hi Traci,

    The Portrait Collar was given to us gratis and we covet this product like you can't believe! It is a must all year long!

    About your mascara question...MUFE Aqua Smoky Eye does curl, but for $22, I would maybe go for a drug store mascara first like CoverGirl LashBlast and purchase the MUFE Lash Fibers instead - I can not emphasis enough how impressed I am with this product.

    Curl your lashes, apply MUFE Lash Fibers, allow to dry a few minutes (your lashes will look white), apply your mascara. I have found that I only need 1 coat of my mascara if I use this product first and if I do apply another coat of mascara, I have very long, curled lashes.

    All lashes are different - the texture - because it is your genetic hair. That is why some women have their lashes "permed" or they have extensions put in - all of those methods are very expensive.

    Let me know how you get on with the MUFE Lash Fibers. Hope it works for you!

  3. Thanks Melissa - I appreciate your suggestion and I will try and find a local store to give it a try!

  4. Now you having me wishing I put MUFE Lash Fibers on my Christmas list! Maybe for the birthday next month...

    And I adore Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. Rarely buy an item twice, but that made the list. I will forget about it and then pull it out and remember why I love it so much. Totally agree about using it on the cheeks - makes a great winter flush!

  5. Hi Allie!

    You know...I am not one for adding an extra minute to anyone's morning routine, but the MUFE Lash Fibers is an exceptional product and it really does enhance any mascara. I have tried it now with CoverGirl Lash Blast, Dior, Maybelline and MUFE's Aqua Smoky Lash (and it's non water proof formula). Mascara can only take your lashes so far, but the Lash Fibers really helps to build up the lashes first so that the mascara then can take them to the next level depending on the formula you use.

    And my love affair with Black Honey has been on going since 2000 - it's like that best friend who is always there for you (and makes you look amazing too)!

    Thanks for reading and hope all is well over on your blogs - love getting my daily update!