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Professional makeup artists are always asked the same question…”which beauty products do you think would work well for me?”  And that question is usually asked within 5 minutes of meeting the makeup artist for the first time, before the Pro has the opportunity to properly evaluate the skin issues, tone, etc.

Personally, I get asked that question several times a day, whether I am working or in a social situation meeting a new friend for the first time.  They all want to pick a Pro’s brain, but truth be told, I offer the same advice or recommend the same products for most people.

Incredible skincare is key, along with a good foundation, concealer, powder and some “pretty” color cosmetics!  All of those will enhance a face, but you must know how to apply them and that my friends, should be the real question! “How do I properly apply my makeup?”

My friend and fellow Pro makeup artist, Victoria Stiles, has partnered with three amazing manufacturers to bring an incredible new webseries called Flawless Faces for All Races to YouTube!

CoverFX, Sigma Makeup and CARGO Cosmetics collaborated with Victoria and the video series will premiere on September 13th.  Portlight Productions professionally filmed and edited the project and Victoria will show you quick and easy makeup techniques in a series of 6 online videos.

No matter your age or ethnicity, Victoria will demonstrate proper makeup application that will be easy to replicate and solve many common skin issues!  Using her tips and tricks and introducing you to CoverFX, Sigma and CARGO products, you can overcome many of your makeup fears!

About Victoria:

Victoria Stiles is a makeup artist from Washington, DC working in New York and worldwide for commercial, print, editorial fashion, red carpet events and weddings.  Victoria’s client roster includes celebrities Roberta Flack, Jordin Sparks, Real Housewives of New York’s Jill Zarin, and publications Glamour, O Magazine, Vogue, Surface, Virginia Living, and Washingtonian.  Real Simple, Women’s Health, American Baby, Washingtonian and Northern Virginia Magazine showcases and quotes her knowledge in makeup and labels her an industry leader.  In addition, Victoria is a presenter for The Powder Group, an organization uniting makeup artists worldwide with relevant industry information and career guidance.  She has presented seminars at The Artist’s Summit in Miami and Chicago.

Read more about Victoria Stiles by visiting her website/blog

About CoverFX:

Since 1985, Lee Graff, A Corrective Makeup Specialist at the Cosmedic Clinic at a leading Canadian hospital has worked with thousands of patients with various skin conditions.  Together with Chemical engineer Jenny Frankel, and leading dermatologist Dr. Neil Shear, Lee began the development of CoverFX.  For 25 years, Lee has taught her patients to use makeup to effectively cover rosacea, acne, scars and many other imperfections.  She encourages everyone to “take control of their appearance to enhance your self esteem and confidence to face the world!”  Her dream was and remains to help men and women with skin conditions overcome their issues and offer them makeup products with therapeutic benefits that would perfectly match their skin tone, be affordable, well tolerated by even the most sensitive skins and achieve a perfectly natural, flawless effect.

Read more about CoverFX by visiting their website

The Sigma Makeup brand is synonymous with quality and functionality.  Their products are handmade and were developed to satisfy the highest quality standards.   They offer a complete line of professional brushes specifically designed to highlight eyes and face.  Each brush is individually tested for performance, resistance and durability.  Sigma Makeup brushes are available in different kits to attend to your specific needs.   You can also acquire individual brushes to customize your own kit.  A brush roll specifically designed to hold and maintain your Sigma Makeup brush collection is also available.

Read more about Sigma Makeup by visiting their website

In 1996, CARGO founder Hana Zalzal set out to create a professional color cosmetic line that top makeup artists would covet, yet would be easy enough for all women to enjoy.  Working with some of the most talented makeup artist in the business, CARGO launched a multitude of award-winning products, never-before-seen packaging and groundbreaking formulas.  It wasn’t long before CARGO became the one to watch on the beauty scene.  Product innovations such as OneBase, the Essential Eye Palette and the blue_ray High Definition Collection are perfect examples of how the brand’s breakthroughs make scoring professional results easy.  That’s why CARGO’s tried-and-true favorites have become staples in beauty kits everywhere and star in some of Hollywood’s most prestigious good bags from the Oscars to the Emmys to the Golden Globes.  CARGO is celebrated as one of the best professional brands in the biz and is the go-to brand on the top Hollywood sets.

Read more about CARGO Cosmetics by visiting their website

Here is a video of Victoria being interviewed about her upcoming webseries venture:

To subscribe to the Flawless Faces for All Races webseries, click “here!”

Here is a “Must Have” list of products the Pros love from CoverFX, Sigma Makeup and CARGO Cosmetics:

CoverFXThe Big Cover Up Kit – this is complexion perfection in a 5-piece kit!  Achieves total coverage of minor complexion issues, regardless of skin tone.  CoverFX has made it easy to find your perfect skin tone match too!  Visit their website and find yours, plus you will receive an instructional DVD with your purchase.

CoverFXConceal FX – the Pros can’t work without this concealer!  It instantly erases under eye circles, redness, dark spots, sun damage, blemishes, moles, tattoos, birthmarks, fatigue and trauma!  Self-adjusting pigments evolve upon gentle blending to offer you custom color correcting tone.  This product is hi-definition approved and was developed to be very camera friendly.

CoverFXMatte FX – incredible oil absorbing and blotting powder that won’t settle into fine lines!  This anti-shine powder forms a layer between skin and makeup to absorb excess oil and sebum.  Totally translucent, mattifying blotting powder that keeps the skin feeling dry, fresh and matte throughout the day!

Sigma MakeupSmall Contour F05 – this is the perfect brush for contouring!  Ideal to apply, blend or contour powder products. Softly rounded dome tip that will smoothly blend color into the face!

Sigma MakeupTapered Blending E35 – this brush is the best for blending the crease of the eye!  So incredibly affordable, the Pros keep several of these brushes on hand at all times!  Fluffy, long-bristled with a tapered tip.  Fits perfectly in the crease area and softens harsh edges instantly.

Sigma MakeupTravel Kit Naughty in Black – this kit contains 7 essential brushes to achieve a flawless look on the go!  The Pros use this kit personally and keep it in our travel bag for quick application and touch-up during the day or night.  Also great for on-set touch ups and compact enough to keep in each of our “actor” bags without having to take brushes from our makeup room or trailer!

CARGO CosmeticsThe Reverse Lip Liner – this liner was created for lip gloss lovers everywhere!  This is a unique, natural colored pencil that adds definition and fullness to the lip line and locks color in place (bye, bye bleeding and feathering).

CARGO CosmeticsDailyGloss – hello???? How genius is this product? A 30-day supply of lip gloss packed in individual tear-away pouches.  Each sealed bubble (three shades/10 bubbles each) is filled with CARGO’s signature lip gloss formulation that provides sheer, long-wearing shea butter and vitamin E-enriched color without any stickiness!

CARGO CosmeticsEssential Eye Shadow Palette – your makeup application woes just disappeared!  This collection of four graduated, neutral eye shadow shades are embossed with each colors “functions” to ensure proper application.  Plus, this palette combines matte and satin finishes, which is all you need to create the perfect sculpted eye.  Gorgeous!


  1. I am very excited to watch this series and learn some great application techniques!