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Living in the fast paced world of the entertainment industry can be…overwhelming! This Pro relies daily on major technology to make life easier. My computer houses everything from bank account info to a list of groceries for tonight’s dinner, to research for an upcoming shoot!

My iPhone feels like it is attached permanently to my body and my heart actually stops beating when I dig through my purse in hopes that I did not leave it in my car because that is precisely the time a client is going to call in desperate need of my professional makeup services!

Twitter, Facebook and my electronic calendar keep me up-to-date on family, friends, clients and blog associates. And with an “app” for just about anything, why do I still feel as if life is just one step away from complete chaos?

Just when I think I need a break from life or at least a little vacation, in comes my saving grace, my secret beauty savior...enter SAMPAR!

According to their website, “SAMPAR is a unique skincare treatment manufacturer that combines nano-technology, aromatherapy and highly concentrated high-tech active ingredients, which forms the basis of the SAMPAR URBAN ACTIVE family of products. These products create an effective shield to protect the skin from environmental pollution while restoring balance and fighting the signs of cutaneous and extrinsic aging!” Now that is the type of “technology” this Pro loves!

For the past several months, the Pros of In My Professional Opinion has been using and testing a ton of SAMPAR product. Specifically focusing on using these treatments during times when we knew our skin would need extra help; before and after travel, during “that time of the month” and during seasonal changes.

In conducting our research prior to using their products we learned that SAMPAR creates each formula using the URBAN ACTIVE complex, which is a “hand-made” blend of 3 high-tech and all natural active ingredients: Shea Butter Extract, Mint Leaf Extract and Plant Sugar and Lactate Extract.

Shea Butter is an incredible moisturizer, but we also discovered that SAMPAR includes it in their product line because it is a “powerful free-radical scavenger and detoxifying ingredient.” Shea Butter has been known in the medical community as an anti-inflammatory and SAMPAR says that it also “neutralizes the iron and lead found in polluted air.”

Mint Leaf Extract is used to soothe and calm the skin and SAMPAR says that it helps with “pollution-induced inflammation and stimulates the production of “pleasure hormones.”

Plant Sugar and Lactate Extract is, according to the SAMPAR concept, “a natural element, which helps to develop beneficial bacteria that restores the skin’s equilibrium, cell regeneration and enables the skin to repair itself.” And that statement is what got our attention! We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this skin treatment line fast enough!

The SAMPAR product line is available in four types of skincare treatments:

Essentials – balance and moisturize – six products include; Velvet Cleansing Milk, Skin Quenching Mist, Equalising Foam Peel, Ultra Hydrating Fluid, Nocturnal Lifting Mask, Good Weekend Kit. This treatment combines floral water, essential oils and plant extracts that calm, balance, protect and restore the skin.

Pure Perfection – purify and matify – four products include; Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser, Barely There Moisture Fluid, Clear Solution Mask and Prodigal Pen. These products purify and matify the skin when hormonal variations or atmospheric pollutants that can cause breakouts and imperfections unbalance it. Rich in essential oils, these products restore balance and harmony to the skin.

Age Antidote – revitalize and fortify – three products include; Lavish Dream Cream, Vivid Radiance Serum, Splendid Eyes Elevation. These products contain natural active elements such as peptides, walnut and chestnut, which help diminish the signs of aging.

City of Light – lighten and clarify – three products include; White Velvet Cleanser, Serum Luminescent, Spot Lighter. Over time the sun and hormone changes create little brown spots on the skin. These products are replete with concentrates of bioflavonoid, citrus, enzymes, shea butter and chamomile, which give clarity, even skin tone and bring brightness to the complexion.

Here is what we have been testing:

Velvet Cleansing Milk – used product morning and night on our face and neck before and after travel and during seasonal weather changes. What we noticed was that this product was lightweight and did not make our skin feel “tight” after rinsing. Washed away all traces of makeup and helped to repair any dry patches.

Quenching Mist – used on face both morning and night this product was an immediate boost to the skin! As suggested on SAMPAR’s website, we used this product on our eyes by soaking a cotton pad and applying as a compress. Noticed decreased puffiness around the eyes within 10 minutes.

Equalizing Foam Peel – used product in the morning twice a week for two weeks. Lathered onto the skin in a massaging motion over our entire face, avoiding eye area. Left on for the recommended two minutes and then removed by rinsing with water and by wetting a cotton pad, which we gently smoothed over our face to ensure all product was removed. Noticed that our skin felt soft and appeared to be more radiant – reminded us of the same effect as right after a facial.

Hydrating Fluid – applied immediately after cleaning, after mist and peel to lock in moisture and re-moisturize areas of our face that felt dry or dehydrated from travel. Fluid was easy to blend into the skin and it felt as if our skin “drank” in this fluid because of lack of hydration.

Nocturnal Lifting Mask – used at night only after proper cleansing and after Hydrating Fluid. Removed in the morning per instructions. Skin felt very toned and firm.

Prodigal Pen – this product was used during our "time of the month" when we are prone to break outs due to hormonal changes. Helped to diminish unsightly and large pimples. After 2-3 days of use 4 times per day the pimples on our face were completely healed with no scaring effects.

Eye Rule – used to repair and hydrate the skin around our eyes. This product helped reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around our eye area and diminish puffiness. This became our “go to” product while traveling and for everyday use. Applied to the orbital bone area in a small circular motion, we used this product several times during airplane travel over and under makeup. We placed this product in the refrigerator, which gave our skin a refreshing experience (and maybe helped diminish the puffiness under our eyes faster!).

Good Weekend Kit – we will never be without this kit when we travel! This set contains small vials of the entire SAMPAR beauty ritual and easily slips into your suitcase so that you can continue your treatment while traveling for business or pleasure!

SAMPAR is a French cosmetic brand. The research and development department, the laboratory and the production are all based in France. They do not test their products on animals. Products are evaluated through clinical studies on a panel of volunteers.

All products are non-comedogneic and have a high concentration of natural ingredients. SAMPAR’s line is formulated to limit the risk of allergy and while most of the SAMPAR product line is completely safe to use during pregnancy, they do recommend avoiding the following products during the first 3 months:

Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub

Dew it Again Shower Gel

Equalizing Foam Peel

Prodigal Pen

To purchase SAMPAR products please visit or to place an order online or to find the nearest retailer or spa.


SAMPAR’s Prodigal Pen was used on a very large and swollen dock spider bite that our Makeup Pro suffered from while on a recent vacation. Used after proper cleaning and disinfecting the essential oils in this product helped to heal and reduce swelling and itchiness. Spider bite was completely healed after 4 days.


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