Ageless Beauty!

What do Cher, Kathy Najimy, Anne Heche, Amber Valetta, Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton and Vanessa Williams have in common? They are all fans of Jan Marini Skincare!

As a celebrity makeup artist, this Pro believes that skincare is the most important personal investment you can make in yourself. It is true that genetics, diet and fitness play a crucial part in keeping skin young, but having a good skincare routine is a must to control oil, discoloration and wrinkles.

Let’s take a stroll down Jan Marini lane…

Jan is a respected national skincare authority who has dedicated more than three decades to researching and developing new and innovative skincare technologies that deliver real results. Her products are used worldwide to treat common skin conditions such as aging, sun damage, acne and rosacea. She is a guest on many radio and television programs, as well as a sought-after speaker for medical conferences and industry events.

Her line is also used by some of the biggest heavy-hitters in the world of film and television makeup artistry. Kimberly Greene, Department Head for Superbad, Pineapple Express; Robert Hallowell for Charlie’s Angels, Two and A Half Men, The Mummy; Jori Jenae for Boston Legal and The Practice; Emily Katz for Lost, just to name a few.

This Pro’s love affair with Jan Marini skincare started when I received a message on Twitter from a representative of the line. She asked if I was interested in trying out a few of their products. I am not ashamed to admit that one of the “perks” of this Pro’s career is receiving and testing product sent to me for my kit to use on my celebrity and high-profile clients. A few weeks later I received a very large box containing many products that looked amazing and Jan was kind enough to conduct a short phone interview with me so I could learn and personalize my daily skincare routine.

This Pro’s biggest skin issues are sun damage, age spots and small patches of rosacea forming on my cheeks. I have reached a certain age when the “sag and bag” is starting to appear and it makes me conscience because of my profession. When you are surrounded by beauty all day long, it makes you think about getting a nip here and tuck there or a little Botox! Instead going under the knife or shooting some type of venom into my forehead, this Pro decided to rethink her skincare routine and ask Jan Marini to come to my rescue!

Here is a list of what this Pro uses from the line:

Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser: gentle cleanser with glycolic acid used morning and night. This is a soap-free formula that is nonirritating and rinses completely without the need for a post-cleansing toner or astringent. One drop full into palm of hand (about the size of a dime) and applied to face in gentle circular motion will remove dirt and makeup completely. Remove with warm, wet washcloth.

C-ESTA Serum: contains Vitamin C and is compatible with glycolic acid products and Retin-A. This Pro applies serum all over face and neck (even behind ears). I have noticed that in a 3-week period of time, my jowl area is tighter and deep lines are fading! I don't know about you ladies, but I also have deep lines on my chest almost in between my breasts, which makes wearing a reveling blouse hard for me. I started to apply the C-Esta Serum in that area and I have noticed a huge difference!

Age Intervention Enlighten: because I suffer from discoloration and uneven skin tone areas, I use this product during the day to help fade stubborn and common problems, like hyperpigmentation. One pump onto the back of my hand and applied all over skin (avoiding eye area) and neck. The reason this Pro puts skincare product on the back of hand instead of palm is because if I over “pump” the product and find I have excess, then I simply rub product into the back of my hand (kills two birds with one stone)! After 3-weeks of use my mild rosacea is untraceable and minor sun damage is invisible however, I have a few deep, dark spots that will require a trip to the esthetician for more invasive treatment.

Age Intervention Face Cream: this product addresses the appearance of aging skin changes targeting two critical areas: hormonal levels and cumulative sun exposure. This Pro is in love with this product and uses it both morning and night as an overall moisturizer. I have noticed a difference in the rejuvenation of my skin and it is appearing younger and healthier. I have even left the house sans makeup and have received several compliments on how my skin “glows!”

Age Intervention Peptide Extreme: this is like the holy grail of skincare! I use this product at night to revitalize my skin while I am sleeping. It increases the production of collagen and elastin in my skin and hydrates while decreasing redness with anti-inflammatory topicals!

Age Intervention Eye Cream: are you starting to see a pattern here? This eye cream is a staple in my routine and you will never open this Pro’s bathroom cabinet without seeing this product displayed like the Queen on her thrown! I use this product both morning and night (and at noon if it made a difference)! Using my ring finger to gently pat this cream under my eye and on the brow bone! Yes, use it on your brow bone – it is where the “sag” occurs! No droopy eyes for this girl! This product is patented with a new Peptide/Retinol combination and it includes a number of other supporting additives in order to make eyelid skin appear flawless. After 3-weeks of use I see a measurable difference in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes.

Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant: now this product is coveted and this Pro will never be caught without it! I use it personally and professionally because it contains incredible UV protection and because it contains PhytoMelanin technology, which provides a natural photoprotection with exceptional antioxidant activity! Basically, it is best sunscreen for the face I have ever used and it is what I trust when working with my clientele. I have a tube in my bathroom cabinet, car and several tubes in my kit! This product is also a “beige” color and not ghostly white, which means it is easier to blend and doesn’t change the color of foundation!

Now you might be saying, “this is a ton of stuff to put on your face everyday!” I agree, but I am fighting an uphill battle and even though I have taken good care of my skin most of my life, I still live and work in Southern California! The sun and other pollutants get to my skin no matter what and I can’t run or hide from them! A good skincare like Jan Marini’s line, helps to better protect my skin and works to reverse damage! This Pro is not afraid to have some “work done” later on in my life, but for now I would rather invest in myself with as little medical procedures as possible!

To purchase or review Jan Marini’s extensive line of skincare, click on

One of the quickest ways to tell a women's age is to look at her hands! Sad, but true! We forget to take care of our hands, but as I mentioned above putting skincare product on the back of your hands before applying to the face with your fingertips and then rubbing in the excess after, is a great way to ensure that you hands are getting good treatment.

So, the next time you are watching Larry King check out if the actress/actor puts his/her hands on the desk or in their lap! Hands don't always match the face! Apply that skincare and sunscreen the way I just described and rest assure your hands will match your face for years to come!

Up Next on IMPO: Summer is coming!!! All Hail The Bronzer!!!!


  1. To say use Jan Marini because Mz. Williams wears it is a kin to saying wear these shoes and you'll dance like Britney. Celebrity endorsements are so 2008. During money tightening times men and women want results and solutions.Period. Jan Marini Product stands on its own and delivers, I know, I have been using Jan Marini for many years maybe 5 I don't want to think about life before my aesthetician and friend Cinthia at Fred Segal introduced me to the Jan Marini skin care. My life has never been the same. I am no Vanessa Williams or Brad Pitt (still haven't started injecting solutions into my face)but I am a guy who wants results, I am a make-up artists who wants the best for my girls. Jan Marini WE LOVE YOU

  2. Hi Besistos, I don't think I said "where Jan Marini Skincare because Vanessa Williams wears it, did I?" The post is mainly how much I love her product line and the results I have found from the line! Glad to hear that you are a fan too and thanks for your comment!

  3. OOHH!! I want to try Jan Marini's products now!

    But I do have a burning question....

    So now that I have a spray foundation that I absolutely love….how do I take it into the summer months. Even though I wear sunscreen on my face daily…I will still get some color as I am a very good tanner….how should I adjust my foundation to my changing skin tone…I have several thoughts running through my head….

    1. I need to wear foundation because of my problem with ovulation blemishes- a new issue since my accutane days and I am not willing to go on accutane again..
    2. Maybe the summer calls for a tinted moisturizer like- Kiehl’s
    3. Or is there a formula like going up 1 or 2 shades in the summer I am willing to invest in the ERA stuff…Loves it!

  4. Hello Ms. Tanya! Yes, try Jan Marini - you will be very happy with your results. The reps there are very helpful and can give you good advice on what your skin needs.

    Summer is on the way for us Cali girls and I think it is a good idea to go up 1 or 2 shades in your foundation color if you tan easily! ERA Spray Foundation is what you are using currently and they have a great color line with many choices. Also consider trying a tinted moisturizer - Kiehl's is what Aileen uses and I use Laura Mercier with SPF - I feel Laura's has a tad bit more coverage!

    Thanks for posting - hope I have answered your questions!