My Face Chart and Beauty Tips App!

IMPO's first post for 2014 is going to be all about a product that I invented with my business partner Kim Greene!

Kim Greene (right) and Melissa Street (left)

Kim Greene and I became friends about 3 years ago. We quickly realized that we shared a passion for makeup artistry and for teaching young artists. Like me, Kim has been a professional makeup artist in the film and television industry for the past 20 years. She has also Department Headed some of the most iconic films of our time, like Terminator Salvation, Charlie’s Angels, Pineapple Express, This is 40, etc.

Last year, we decided to start a new business called GreeneStreet Beauty, which is all about “beauty-education, career and lifestyle improvement!” Our first endeavor would be to create a revolutionary app for the iPhone and iPad called, My Face Chart and Beauty Tips

We had never made an app before and had no idea where to start, but we knew we wanted to do something different. Plus, we wanted to create something that would become a useful tool for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. We also felt there was a lack in our industry when it came to finding good face charts that looked like real human beings and not perfectly featured mannequins!

Our app allows the user to create a customized composite by selecting different facial features – face, eye, nose and mouth shapes. Then, turning that composite into a personalized face chart that actually looks like the user or the client sitting in a professional artist’s makeup chair.

Our My Face Chart and Beauty Tips app quickly became a big hit with professional artists around the globe. Artists working in the film, television, theater, special effects, bridal, fashion and print industry, as well as YouTube artists, found the app to be extremely useful when designing looks for their actors, models, and clients or for their YouTube tutorials.

Phoenix design by: Angie Davis - GoldieStarling on YouTube

Makeup designed by: Kim Greene

Bridal artists no longer have to rely on generic face charts they get off the Internet. By using our app, the artist can ask the bride to email a photograph of themselves, upload it into the app, create the composite to look like their bride and then print out their bride’s face chart.

Using actual makeup, the artist then applies it to the chart, makes detailed notes in the note section on exactly which products are used and then takes the chart(s) with them to the bride’s consultation.

This process makes it much easier for the bride to decide on a look she loves because she can see how the makeup will translate onto her face since the chart actually resembles her own unique facial structure and features! The makeup consultation process is now smoother, more professional and extremely personalized!

Makeup designed by: Beauty by Stacey

Makeup designed by: Aaron Devon Gomez

The app also contains our “pro tips,” which allow the user to learn exactly how to sculpt the face or facial features using classic contour and highlight techniques. These written and visual tips are useful if you want to diminish a certain facial feature or play up a feature that you love!

For beauty consumers, our My Face Chart and Beauty Tips app makes it easy to be like a Pro, by designing and practicing party, prom, date night, job interview or other special occasion makeup looks on your own customized face chart. 

Just take a “selfie” and upload your photo into the app or choose an inspirational photo of a makeup you like from a magazine, book or if you are planning your Halloween look, upload a pic of a character makeup. Choose your facial shapes and print out your face chart. Apply the makeup you want to wear directly onto the chart or you can use colored pencils, crayons or colored markers.

Ursula designed by: Ag

Bride of Chucky designed by: Olivia Hawthorne 

For the film, television, theater or body painting makeup artist, our app is great for designing makeup looks during the script and character breakdown process and to show your director during preproduction. Your designs will easily translate onto the actor or actress and keeping continuity will be much easier.

Makeup designed by: Kim Greene for The Goldbergs

Makeup designed by: Edward Coronado III

Students in beauty school find the app helpful too because they are able to create thousands of different face charts and practice their makeup application. In school you are asked to bring in models, but models are not always easy to find and usually friends or relatives end up in the makeup chair. 

As an artist you need to be well versed in proper makeup techniques for different eye, nose, lip and face shapes, so you can make everyone look their best. Our app provides a way for the student to perfect their skills on various ethnicities and because the app is designed for the iPhone or iPad, you can easily access the app for quick reference on the go!

For more information about our My Face Chart and Beauty Tips app, you can visit Greene Street Beauty’s website –

To purchase the app click here!

We also made a helpful instructional video:

We invite you to connect with Greene Street Beauty via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter! We also have a great YouTube Channel for those interested in learning more about the world of television and film artistry! 

Kim and I also developed a mentoring program for artists who need career advice – visit our website and click on Mentor’s Corner for more information on our one-on-one Skype counseling sessions and our upcoming workshops!